The Podcast Series

She Makes Magic: The Podcast Series is a collection of raw and gritty interviews sharing the real life stories of women who have left behind lives that don’t quite fit right to bravely follow their wild hearts.

We ask each woman to share her story. How she uncovered her gifts. The fears and challenges she experienced along the way. How she has learned to trust her own intuitive knowing. How she financially supports herself. How she embraces both the darkness and light, the success and struggle – an inevitable part of growth and transformation. And through her story, we find the courage to explore these parts of our own journey, too.

New to the podcast series? You might like to start with our own stories. Listen to Alana being interviewed here and Koren being interviewed here.

** In July 2016, after almost five incredible years of creativity and growth together, we decided to close She Makes Magic. To explain this decision, and to celebrate the immense beauty of all She Makes Magic is and was, we recorded a special podcast here. **



Modern-day witches. Change makers. Business mavens. Visionaries. Wild women. Healers. Magic makers. Free-spirited gypsies. Intuitives. Creatives.



Trust, intuition and soul calling. Depression, addiction, and dark night of the soul. Death, rape and shadow selves. Embodiment, divine feminine and pleasure. Self-love, body image and sexuality. Mother Earth, energy medicine and healing ourselves to heal the world. Manifesting magic, moon cycles and universal temper tantrums. Plus loads more…


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