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{Podcast 23} Rosie Rees: get naked and go your own way

Rosie Rees She Makes Magic Podcast

If you could do anything in the world, and you knew that you could not fail, what would you want to do?

Back in 2012, sick, stressed and tired from working in the corporate world, this was the question that Rosie Rees’ good friend asked of her. Rosie, without pausing or even thinking, responded with “sex therapist”.

Strangely, at the time, Rosie was working as a recruitment agent, she was in a toxic relationship with an abusive and controlling man, and her Christian upbringing had imposed on her a whole world of hidden shame and guilt around her sexuality. It felt like a sex therapist couldn’t be farther from Rosie’s truth.

Yet Rosie says that her friend’s question sparked a fire and passion within her, giving her hope that her life could be turned around.

And, with this new-found hope, she went on to leave her corporate job and toxic relationship, start her online blog and coaching business, become a yoga instructor, quit meat, alcohol and cigarettes and, most recently, birth her Australian nude yoga tour.

Once Rosie sets her mind to something, she certainly doesn’t let fear, other people’s opinions or rational logic stand in her way.

If you’ve ever felt the pull to walk a completely different path from the one you’re on now but feel like it’s too scary, overwhelming or just plain irrational, this story is for you.


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