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How to create a bicycle crate out of a vintage picnic basket

Rear bicycle crate from a vintage picnic basket

Remember when I got my bike way back at the start of the year? And I committed to cycling everywhere for 30 days despite being utterly terrified?

Well, I kept my commitment and guess what? Somewhere during those 30 days, I suddenly wasn’t scared anymore. Other cyclists and cars and pedestrians were no longer so terrifying. I started cycling on the road, my legs and lungs got stronger and I fell more and more in love with cycling.

One of the main reasons I bought my bike was to make grocery and market shopping that little bit easier. I don’t have a car, so my legs are my main mode of transport. As the little basket at the front of my bike doesn’t have a huge carrying capacity I needed an additional something on the back to load all my goodies.

I spent months searching for just the right rear rack. I wanted something with a lid, it had to be the right colour and it had to be stylish. Turns out, everyone else seemed to have a similar idea and I couldn’t find anything available that wasn’t in excess of $100. Pricey! Continue Reading →

Mini succulent gardens just for Mum

Mini succulent gardens in vintage glasses

Mums – they really are something special aren’t they? My Mum taught me that the greatest virtues a person can hold are compassion, generosity, commitment and love. She did this by unconditionally giving me all these things and more from the very first day I was born.

A special Mum needs a special gift, especially on the one day of the year purely dedicated to her. And there is nothing more special than a handmade something, lovingly created by her own child. Of all the gifts we have given my Mum, I know it’s the handmade ones that she has cherished the most. Continue Reading →

Girl’s day out


Recently I stumbled across some old journals from 2008 in which I had written down my five year goals. Surprised was I to find that I have achieved all but one of those goals – get my nose pierced. I mentioned this to my adorable friend Em and it was decided it was well and truly time for a girl’s day out, complete with nose bling. Continue Reading →

These are a few of my fave vintage things // furniture edition

Our little flat is gradually filling up with treasures thrifted from Brisbane and beyond. With each find our place becomes slightly more unique, packed with pieces that mirror our personalities or, through their timeworn frames, hint at the life they once lived. The eclectic and colourful mix inspires our imaginations and sparks our creativity. Many a productive brainstorm has been had here! Though I’ll soon be leaving this space behind as I move to Spain, Alana will remain caretaker or our recycled finds.

So, as the next instalment of my fave vintage things series, allow me to introduce you to some of our most cherished furnishings.

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