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{Podcast 011} Sash Milne: writer, photographer and social activist

Sash Milne, writer, photographer, social activist and creator of the Nothing New Project.

Have you ever noticed how we’re kind of obsessed with stuff? The perfect house, the nice car, the cool clothes, the latest gadgets.

We buy stuff to try to make ourselves happy, even though I think we all know deep down that our self worth doesn’t lie in this stuff.

So. What would happen if we just suddenly stopped buying stuff?

Last year, that’s exactly what Aussie writer, photographer and social activist Sash Milne did. For the whole of 2014, Sash committed to buy nothing new, aside from essentials like food.

What Sash discovered was, when she stopped buying mindless junk, something way more valuable began to fill that hole — real human connections. The kind of deep connections I think we all crave.

If you’ve ever felt disconnected, alone, or like you and your life are not enough, this podcast is for you.

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{Podcast 003} Chantelle Baxter: entrepreneur and One Girl co-founder

Chantelle Baxter, One Girl co-founder and CEO

Rewind seven years and Chantelle Baxter was locked in a passionless nine-to-five grind. She felt stuck on repeat: slogging through her working week and hanging out for the weekend, only to lose her days off to a blur of partying and booze. Life, she says, began to feel empty and meaningless.

Then Chantelle went to Sierra Leone — and what she saw there changed everything.

Sierra Leone is one of the worst places in the world to be born a woman. Shockingly, girls born in the poverty-stricken West African country are more likely to be raped than to go to high school.

After returning home to Melbourne, Chantelle jumped into action. She dramatically changed her life, quitting her job and dumping her old party-girl persona, before co-launching One Girl, one of Australia’s fastest growing non-profit organisations.

Chantelle has now set One Girl the astonishingly ambitious target of educating 1 million African girls by 2020 — and with big names like Oprah behind the cause, she looks on track to make it happen.

If you’ve ever felt like your dreams are too crazy-huge to become a reality, you absolutely cannot miss this podcast. Chantelle shares a bunch of really practical tried-and-tested strategies for working through the inevitable challenges and she’s also just an incredibly inspiring example of how to truly live large. Continue Reading →