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{Podcast 22} Beáta Alföldi: navigating challenges, fear and grief with grace and courage

Beáta Alföldi She Makes Magic

Beáta Alföldi’s journey begins all the way back at the age of four when she fell in love with dancing. Later in life, after winning a scholarship, she trained in America and eventually moved to England to work in the theatre. An opportunity, she describes, that allowed her to combine her love for dance, creative inspiration and travel.

It would seem like Beáta was living the dream life. Yet the Universe had bigger plans.

One evening, as she looked out over the theatre show she had tirelessly worked on for months, a little voiced asked “Is this it? Is this going to be it for the rest of my life?”

Many people would shy away from this question but Beáta – having always had a stead-fast commitment to only ever doing what she loves – set about rectifying the in-congruency between her current life and her soul’s desires, opening herself to a series of synchronistic events that propelled her down the path of yoga and then eventually leading her to discover shamanic and energetic healing.

In this interview, you’ll hear Beáta talk about her lack of self-belief, the challenges and the fear she bumped up against as the Universe guided her to step up and claim her gifts.

And you’ll hear the story of her dark night of the soul, a heart-breaking moment in which she lost her son, Alakai, during child birth. Beáta shares how this moment became the path to a new level of transcendence and inner freedom,  giving her the courage to fully claim and step into her life’s work and purpose.

Soft yet strong, courageous yet vulnerable, wise, grounded, intuitive, with a wide-open heart, despite the incredible pain she has experienced. Beáta is a beautiful blend of divine feminine qualities.

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