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Easy three-ingredient spicy chickpeas

Easy three-ingredient spicy chickpeas

We’ve hit the road, Jack. In a campervan named Walter.

Seeing as we’re cooking out of a cramped little kitchen in the back of the van, simple and cheap recipes are where it’s at. Of course simple and cheap doesn’t have to mean tasteless. Quite the opposite actually. And this recipe is proof of that!

With three simple ingredients, we managed to turn a plain ol’ tin of chickpeas into delicious spicy, spicy goodness. Yum.

Did we mention, yum?

But first, a little update on our adventure so far…

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Thai beer snacks

Thai beer snacks

This brilliant snack was secretly spilled to me by one of my colleagues late one afternoon while we dreamed of sitting at the pub instead of sitting in the office. I decided it just couldn’t be a secret anymore because a. it’s delicious, b. it is super simple, and c. you eat it while drinking beer – my kind of snack! Continue Reading →

Magic ‘cheese’ sauce by Em

Vegan cheese dipping sauce

Now here’s a snack I dare you to stop eating after a couple of bites. I love this sauce for its creamy, cheesy (yet dairy and gluten-free) flavour and its versatility – serve it as a dip (like we have here), use it as the cheese alternative for pastas, lasagnas or bakes, or drizzle it over a fresh salad. It can turn pretty much any dish into a food fiesta. That’s why I’ve coined it ‘magic’ sauce. Its uses are positively endless!

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Roasted chestnuts, also known as the best vegan street food in Spain

Roasted chestnuts in Spain

Rewind four weeks and, after 35 long hours of flight and transit time from Australia, I arrive in Madrid jet-lagged but excited. Koren and I, reunited after almost a year apart, get ready for five fabulous weeks of backpacking through France and Spain.

A combination of terrible plane food and running out of my vegan snacks halfway through the trip means that I am VERY hungry.

Not the I-need-a-good-warm-meal hungry, but more the I-will-rip-someone’s-face-off-if-I-don’t-eat-now hungry.

Koren knows my hangry (hungry + angry = hangry) face too well. As we wander the streets of Madrid, she grabs my arm and pulls me towards a smokey, dilapidated stall where a lady stands over a warm barrel every so often turning black, charcoaled roasted castañas, also known chestnuts. For the bargain price of €2.50 we grab a paper cone full of warm nuts. Continue Reading →