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{Podcast 026} Bec Shann on the simplest way to create a simple life

Bec Shann from Think Big Live Simply

When you hear the phrase “the simple life”, what kinds of things pop into your head?

Maybe something like a country house, an organic farm, a zero waste lifestyle, loads of nature, plenty of time for family and friends. Or maybe it’s that horrible old TV series with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, who knows.

But I think there’s one conclusion that lots of us do arrive at when we ponder this idyllic idea of the simple life – and that’s ease. Simpler must equal easier, we think.

Bec Shann reckons that’s not quite so and she has this really beautiful alternative theory that I reckon you need to know about if you’ve ever dreamed of embracing the simple life.

So here’s Bec’s story. A few years back she swapped her plum job as a government agricultural research scientist for a simpler life on the land. She and her husband went to live in a tiny two-bedroom cabin on an Australian organic farm, where they became solely responsible for growing an enormous veggie patch and raising chickens and pigs.

Which is quite incredible, because Bec was one of those people who didn’t have a damn clue what she wanted to do with her life. Going to the plant nursery with her mum as a kid was her personal nightmare.

Then, in 2013, Bec was made redundant. And instead of freaking right out, she decided to seize the opportunity to get really clear on what she wanted her new life to look like.

And then these little stepping stones of perfect opportunities began to fall across her path, which led her directly to a career and lifestyle she felt whole-heartedly passionate about.

And that’s where Bec’s beautiful theory comes in. The simple life, she says, isn’t necessarily easy. The simple life is actually a life of intention. It’s about deciding what’s most important to you, deciding how you want to feel, paring back your life to those few core things that really matter to you and then making choices each day to stay aligned to that.

Not being swayed by outside influences or societal norms. But rather knowing your core intention and going for it. It’s like an anchor that you can keep coming back to when fear or doubt come a-knocking.

So really, the simple life is available to all of us, right now, wherever we live and whatever we’re doing. It’s an internal state that has the power to spark dramatic external transformation.

It’s as simple as that.
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