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{Podcast 012} Marisa Lynch: fashion blogger, author and New Dress A Day founder

New Dress A Day founder Marisa Lynch

A few years back, Marisa Lynch lost her magazine job to the global financial crisis and fell into depression.

Then, inspired by the film Julie and Julia, she turned to a passion she’d long neglected – sewing. Marisa challenged herself to make 365 upcycled dresses in 365 days, spending only a dollar a day.

Her New Dress A Day blog quickly went viral, and Marisa was asked to appear on television, was interviewed by the likes of The New York Times, and made dresses for celebrities. She even secured a book deal.

But what strikes me most about Marisa’s story is how she remained completely unattached to these outcomes, even amid all the success.

She says she wasn’t fussed about how popular her blog was, or if people liked the dresses she made. She simply did it because it made her feel good. That was the anchor she kept coming back to. That was her measure of success. Continue Reading →