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{Podcast 020} Dr Ezzie Spencer on how to create your best life – by tuning into the moon

Lunar abundance teacher Ezzie Spencer

Chances are, you’ve noticed the moon at some point in your life. Maybe the deep inky black of a moonless night sky. Or the large luminous orb of a full moon rising. Maybe you’ve even joked about feeling a little full moon crazy.

Back when Dr Ezzie Spencer was studying history and law, and then when she did her PhD in women’s wellbeing after sexual violence, she noticed the moon, too.

And, while working crazy 70-hour weeks as a lawyer or while studying like a woman on a mission, she’d scribble in her journal. About how she was feeling and about what was happening in her life. And often these musings were accompanied by a little drawing of what the moon looked like that night.

Over time, Ezzie became deeply familiar with the moon’s cycles – not just the full moon but the other seven stages in between, too.

And she noticed that when she moved in rhythm with these cycles, things in her life seemed to flow with much more ease. Friends noticed the change and started asking to learn this stuff. Then strangers did, too.

These days, Ezzie’s Lunar Abundance practice is gaining international recognition. Through her online Salon program and via regular speaking events, Ezzie teaches women worldwide how to cultivate inner peace and prosperity by following the moon’s cycle.

In this podcast, Ezzie reveals just how she did it, how she left behind her law career and turned her personal practice into a thriving business. And what I love best, is that there was no dramatic leap, no overnight success, no pushing, no pressure, no race to six-figure incomes. In fact, Ezzie – who says she’s a risk-adverse introvert – actively avoided all that. Instead, she found this beautifully feminine way to deal with crippling fear that bubbled up almost daily and threatened to hold her back.

And yep, you guessed it – it all comes back to the moon. Continue Reading →