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{Podcast 016} Kelley Sheenan on mindfulness, embracing fear and overcoming impostor syndrome

Peppermint magazine editor Kelley Sheenan

Today, a conversation with Kelley Sheenan, founder of the delightful Australian eco fashion and lifestyle magazine, Peppermint.

It was while pregnant with her son that Kelley first began to take an interest in sustainable fashion. That curiosity eventually grew into an all-consuming obsession that turned her life upside-down.

Back then, Kelley was moderately happy working as a graphic designer and selling clothing at local markets in New Zealand. Then, someone mentioned green cotton. What does that even mean, she wondered?

After moving to Australia, and trying her hand at everything from selling car batteries to telemarketing for charities, Kelley decided to launch a sustainable fashion magazine.

Friends told her she was crazy. Print was dead, they said. Besides, it was 2008 and the world was in the grip of financial crisis – a terrible time to launch a new business.

Still, Kelley would not be dissuaded. She was driven by a burning desire, a feeling that she just had to pursue this, no matter what.

In this podcast, Kelley talks about her journey, about how she launched a magazine with a zero dollar budget, how she coped on the brink of financial failure and amid marital breakdown, and how she embraced fear and overcame impostor syndrome.

Kelley says she’s determined to show people the dark side of the textile industry but in a positive way that inspires action.

I think that’s what I love most about Peppermint Magazine. It doesn’t shy away from the big issues, yet, amid a sea of negative media, Peppermint reminds us that there really are so many good people out there doing incredibly good things. Continue Reading →