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Why is it so hard to love myself?

Alana Helbig2

I remember the first time someone called me fat. I wasn’t more than six or seven years old. At the time I don’t think I really even knew what it meant but I knew it was bad. That I was bad. That I wasn’t good enough.

I remember the first time I went on a diet. I was 15. As the weight dropped off, my apparent love for myself grew exponentially. Then I gained the weight back and I hated myself again. Hated myself into a dark depression

“You’re fat” became the insult of choice. Family members, girls at school, even strangers would use those words to hurt me. And it did. An arrow direct to the bulls-eye of my heart.

I don’t remember a time since when I haven’t been on a diet.

It’s not just the weight though. Over the years I’ve suffered from severe cystic acne followed closely by  adult acne (and the scarring that comes with it), high-school bullying, depression, low self-worth, hormonal hair, weird skin rashes, hyper-emotional sensitivity, confusion about my sexuality, binge eating, ongoing back pain, drug and alcohol abuse,  and a myriad of other stuff I’m not comfortable sharing.

Learning to love myself feels like a bloody big job. Continue Reading →

5 reasons why journaling will rock your world (plus 35 journal prompts to get you started)

5 reasons why journaling will rock your world

I’ve loved journaling since I was a little girl. From the moment Mum handed me my very first diary, complete with it’s own lock and key, I was hooked. For years I’ve scribbled away, filling countless pages with the inner murmurings of my mind and heart.

In recent times I’ve come to appreciate just how important this daily ritual is for me.

But I know all too well that journaling doesn’t always come easily.

There have been many times when I’ve found myself staring down at a blank page asking: “Where the heck do I even start?” Or worse still: “What’s the point?” Continue Reading →

Using body awareness to let go of self-limiting behaviours

body awareness

You’ve just woken up with a hellish hangover. Or consumed a family-sized block of chocolate.

A sinking feeling starts to creep into the pit of your stomach.

You think: “Okay this is it. I’m never doing this to myself again.”

Then the next week you find yourself right back in that exact same space.

Sound familiar?

I think we’ve all been there.

What is it that keeps us returning to our old self-limiting behaviours? Continue Reading →

Intuitive goal setting for 2015

Intuitive goal setting

Wow, 2014. You were a biggie. There have been some HUGE shifts this year. Have you felt it in your life?

I have felt the gentle nudge to quit playing safe and to put myself out there, warts and all. What a journey.

It’s nice to be able to reflect back on the year that was. The highs and the lows. And to consider what we want to call into our lives next and what things we are now ready to release.

I’ve stumbled across a potent process for uncovering the words that will be my driving force for next year. I used my intuition to guide me and the words that came out feel so right and so in alignment with my next direction. The potency of this process is just too good not to share. Yet it is so simple! I’ve wrapped up the five simple steps in this video for you. Continue Reading →

7 meditation resources to bring more peace into your day

Flowers 3

Don’t you love the change in seasons? An opportunity to start fresh, to contemplate, to reflect. New energy rising and falling. Mother Nature beginning her next cycle.

Here in Australia, spring has most definitely sprung. The days are longer and full of sunshine, the lavender plant I lovingly placed outside my kitchen window last season is forming its very first purple buds, and I am feeling a creative force, a new surge of spring-time energy bubbling away.

Just like the lavender plant, I too have been blooming into a new me. I’ve been busting through a life-time of hidden shame and fear. Ripping myself wide-open. Embracing vulnerability. Continue Reading →