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{Podcast 004} Alex Olsen: jewellery designer and Violet Gray Design founder

Alex Olsen Podcast

Meet Alex Olsen. She’s a travel-obsessed gypsy, a talented jewellery designer and the founder and co-owner of Violet Gray Design, an intentional jewellery label from Gold Coast, Australia.

If you’re a lover of crystals I hazard a guess that you’ve probably stumbled across this beauty’s creations long before now.

I can honestly say I have never spoken with anyone quite like Alex. She is a rare combination of positivity, beauty, authenticity and tell-it-like-it-is raw honesty. I walked away from this interview floating on air.

Alex’s story begins in the world of broadcast media, a far cry from her creative pursuits of today. She openly admits that her desire to work in journalism stemmed from the need to appear successful and attractive, to obtain external validation. She soon realised journalism was not for her and, after a brief moment of soul-searching, she rekindled her life-long passion for creating jewellery.

From humble beginnings at jewellery market stalls, to launching a business with less than $800 in her bank account and nothing more than a box of beads and crystals, to building a unique and mind-blowingly popular jewellery brand based on honesty, integrity, purpose and passion, this woman’s story is a shining example of the power behind heart-based, passion-fuelled living. Continue Reading →