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{Podcast 004} Alex Olsen: jewellery designer and Violet Gray Design founder

Alex Olsen Podcast

Meet Alex Olsen. She’s a travel-obsessed gypsy, a talented jewellery designer and the founder and co-owner of Violet Gray Design, an intentional jewellery label from Gold Coast, Australia.

If you’re a lover of crystals I hazard a guess that you’ve probably stumbled across this beauty’s creations long before now.

I can honestly say I have never spoken with anyone quite like Alex. She is a rare combination of positivity, beauty, authenticity and tell-it-like-it-is raw honesty. I walked away from this interview floating on air.

Alex’s story begins in the world of broadcast media, a far cry from her creative pursuits of today. She openly admits that her desire to work in journalism stemmed from the need to appear successful and attractive, to obtain external validation. She soon realised journalism was not for her and, after a brief moment of soul-searching, she rekindled her life-long passion for creating jewellery.

From humble beginnings at jewellery market stalls, to launching a business with less than $800 in her bank account and nothing more than a box of beads and crystals, to building a unique and mind-blowingly popular jewellery brand based on honesty, integrity, purpose and passion, this woman’s story is a shining example of the power behind heart-based, passion-fuelled living. Continue Reading →

{Podcast 003} Chantelle Baxter: entrepreneur and One Girl co-founder

Chantelle Baxter, One Girl co-founder and CEO

Rewind seven years and Chantelle Baxter was locked in a passionless nine-to-five grind. She felt stuck on repeat: slogging through her working week and hanging out for the weekend, only to lose her days off to a blur of partying and booze. Life, she says, began to feel empty and meaningless.

Then Chantelle went to Sierra Leone — and what she saw there changed everything.

Sierra Leone is one of the worst places in the world to be born a woman. Shockingly, girls born in the poverty-stricken West African country are more likely to be raped than to go to high school.

After returning home to Melbourne, Chantelle jumped into action. She dramatically changed her life, quitting her job and dumping her old party-girl persona, before co-launching One Girl, one of Australia’s fastest growing non-profit organisations.

Chantelle has now set One Girl the astonishingly ambitious target of educating 1 million African girls by 2020 — and with big names like Oprah behind the cause, she looks on track to make it happen.

If you’ve ever felt like your dreams are too crazy-huge to become a reality, you absolutely cannot miss this podcast. Chantelle shares a bunch of really practical tried-and-tested strategies for working through the inevitable challenges and she’s also just an incredibly inspiring example of how to truly live large. Continue Reading →

{Podcast 002} Alana Helbig: free-spirited gypsy and She Makes Magic co-founder

Alana Helbig, She Makes Magic co-founder

Alana’s always been an epically positive influence in my life, but perhaps never more so than in the past couple of years. The courageous change she’s embraced lately is pretty bloody extraordinary.

So I’m super stoked that my dear older sister, bestie and fellow She Makes Magic creator — Alana Helbig — is sharing her story on the podcast today.

Five years ago, Alana started feeling like her life just wasn’t quite right somehow. Everything in her life didn’t seem to fit anymore: her job, her university studies, her toxic relationship with drugs and alcohol, even her sexuality.

Then her five-year relationship ended. Struggling to let go, Alana threw herself into a monumental journey of healing and for the first time in her life, began to truly own who she is.

Now Alana’s on a hunt for her true passion and purpose. And she’s taken a giant leap of faith to find it: this year she quit her corporate job in Brisbane, packed her life into Walter the Campervan and headed off on an epic “journey of soul discovery” around Australia — all alone.

It’s truly inspiring stuff, especially because this interview catches Alana right at the beginning of her trip, right in the beautiful free-fall that comes just after the leap. Continue Reading →

{Podcast 001} Koren Helbig: freelance journalist and She Makes Magic co-founder

Koren Helbig, She Makes Magic co-founder

I know you’ve seen this face floating around the blog for a while now.

Yup! For a bit of fun, I’ve flipped the mic onto Koren so you can get to know her that little bit better.

I’ve been asking Koren to share her story on the blog for what feels like an age because, despite her humble opinion, what she has done over the past two years is nothing short of remarkable.

In 2013 she said goodbye to her position as a political reporter with a major Australian daily newspaper, The Courier-Mail, to launch herself out into the world as a freelance journalist. At the same time she moved to a foreign country — Spain — where she knew no one and didn’t even speak the language.

Now that takes guts!

And, as with everything she does, she’s had roaring success. Continue Reading →

Four inspiring interviews you won’t want to miss: The Podcast Series is here!

She Makes Magic: The Podcast Series

“It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know
what you ache for and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing.
It doesn’t interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dreams, for the adventure of being alive.”
~ Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Hold onto your hat, lovely, because today we have a stack of incredible stuff to share with you.

We’re beyond excited to finally announce the launch of She Makes Magic: The Podcast Series.

And to celebrate, we bring you four interviews featuring real-life stories and mind-altering wisdom from women who have honoured their calling, faced their fears, and now live kind-hearted, soulful, and awesomely unconventional lifestyles.

Continue Reading →