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Moroccan spiced sweet potato, carrot and chickpea patties

Moroccan spiced chickpea patties

Back in July this year, my parents came to Brisbane for a mini holiday and to watch me walk across the stage as I graduated from university. We spent the week in the beautiful sea-side town of Caloundra on The Sunshine Coast, chatting, wandering the local markets, exploring the nearby mountains and towns, strolling along the sandy beaches, and eating, lots and lots of eating.

I find, when I spend time with my parents, I instantly revert back to being a child. I love having them dote on me, listen to my every word, and tell me how amazing I am – seriously, where else do you get that kind of unconditional love? There’s always a never-ending flow from my parents. Continue Reading →

Raw vegan brownie bliss balls

Raw vegan brownie bliss balls

Oh my gosh do I have a surprise for you! These chocolately treats are going to rock your socks off.

Packed full of nutritious raw cashews and cacao, these bliss balls are a real cinch to make – just chuck everything into the food processor, blitz, roll and you’re done. Once chilled, the coconut oil and dates give these little yummies a sweet chewy texture that is pretty much guaranteed to send pesky sugar cravings packing. They taste so chocolately and naughty you would swear they have sugar in them (but they don’t!).

I used this recipe last weekend to create a base for a chocolate mousse slice (recipe for that one to come really soon) and everyone (even my lovely omnivore friends) raved about the base. Big thumbs up.

Who ever thought healthy vegan treats could taste this good? Continue Reading →

Coconutty chocolicious thickshake

Vegan chocolate smoothie

If you’d dropped into my house this week, you would have found me head first in the blender, chocolate smeared from one side of my face to the other, tongue wrapped around a wooden spoon. You see, I decided I’d take all my favourite wholefood treats, throw them in a blender and see what happens.

Turns out there is no such thing as too much of a good thing.

This vegan chocolate smoothie, or what I have coined the coconutty chocolicious thickshake (try saying that three times fast), is like cake batter. You will want to lick up every single sweet drop (Just keep your tongue away from sharp objects, like the blender blade for example. Don’t say I didn’t warn you). Continue Reading →

Magic ‘cheese’ sauce by Em

Vegan cheese dipping sauce

Now here’s a snack I dare you to stop eating after a couple of bites. I love this sauce for its creamy, cheesy (yet dairy and gluten-free) flavour and its versatility – serve it as a dip (like we have here), use it as the cheese alternative for pastas, lasagnas or bakes, or drizzle it over a fresh salad. It can turn pretty much any dish into a food fiesta. That’s why I’ve coined it ‘magic’ sauce. Its uses are positively endless!

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Beef stock, minus the beef

Allow me to introduce you to Massel stocks, the brand that allows vegos and vegans to move beyond vegetable stock into the (pseudo)meat arena.

It’s all in a tiny word surreptitiously placed beneath the giant “BEEF” and “CHICKEN” labels. Look closely and you’ll notice “style” popped underneath. It’s so well done even Alana and I were fooled for some time.

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