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{Podcast 014} Tabitha Jayne: using nature to heal emotional blocks and build your trust muscle

Tabitha Jayne

Tabitha Jayne is an eco-psychologist, author, speaker and the founder of The Nature Process – an online program that teaches you how to tap into the power of nature so that you can discover the power and potential of your natural self.

As you’ll hear in this interview, Tabi has endured some extremely dark experiences throughout her life — severe ill health, bullying, childhood abuse, rape, and the death of her younger brother in a car accident — more darkness than any woman should have to experience in a lifetime.

Through it all, Tabi has relied on the healing power of nature to release her trauma. In fact, it was a profound awakening experience with an old oak tree that propelled Tabi into a period of deep healing and spiritual growth, eventually leading her to uncover and develop The Nature Process.

This interview catches Tabi in the midst of another profound awakening.  Struggling with a desire for validation and approval in her own business, Tabi has deep dived into the discomfort, uncovering a well of trauma she thought had been healed long ago. Tabi openly shares how she has used her own nature process to heal this trauma and come out the other side with a new and more aligned business vision —  to have the earth viewed as a living, sentient being.

What I love about Tabi is that she’s not afraid to explore the darkness. So often these days we feel the pressure to be happy all the time, while darkness or shadow work is considered shameful. Tabi is not afraid to go deep to the root of an emotional trauma and still, despite all the pain she’s experienced, she has an unwavering ability to trust in the process and timing of life.

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