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Creamy red lentil and coconut dahl

Vegan rentil and coconut milk dahl

I love a good dahl. The vaguely hilarious name. The simplicity. The rich spices that transport me back to the thronging energy of India’s muggy streets, and an epic six-week trip with my besties back in 2009.

I also really like creamy things, though I’ve never really liked cream made from cow’s milk. That stuff’s meant for calves, not us humans.

Combining two loves is a beautiful thing, I reckon.

And so I present my creamy yet vegan red lentil dahl, made with a generous glug of velvety coconut milk. Continue Reading →

Quick and simple chickpea curry

Chickpea curry 3

I love when you find a recipe that is simple, quick, inexpensive and tasty. This chickpea curry has become one of my staple meals, especially on weeks when the budget is a little bit tight. This guy can be whipped up for under $10 (as long as you already have all the spices in the cupboard). It easily serves four or, if you’re single like me, it keeps well in the fridge and actually tastes better the next day because the flavours have time to settle and soak through. Win! Continue Reading →

Mung bean masala by Luke

This recipe comes from a man who must be an absolute whizz in the kitchen, if the leftovers his wife brings in to work are anything to go by. Eventually my food envy became so extreme that Sarah had Luke type out a recipe to send my way. It’s simple, quick and packed with flavour.

Continue Reading →

Pumpkin and chickpea curry by Frew

Pumpkin and Chickpea Curry

I’ve been spending a week with our older sister, Candy, and her partner, Frew, in their Adelaide Hills home. I have to admit that my eyes are green with envy each time I visit Candy and Frew’s beautiful home. This week Frew took me and his Dad, recently arrived from Denmark, on the ‘token’ walk around their stunning property. With beer in our hands and dogs at our feet, we strolled through the bushland as Frew pointed out wild flowers, native trees, the resident brown snake which had left behind it’s skin and the beautiful bird life that flew around us as though we weren’t even there. Continue Reading →

Chickpea and celery rogan josh by Frew

Alana and I took a little sojourn to South Australia last weekend to help our parents move into their new home. I hung around for an extra day at the beautiful Adelaide Hills home of our eldest sister, Candice, and was treated to an AMAZING meal on their front deck, surrounded by lemon-scented gums, black cockatoos and their two very obedient dogs. Continue Reading →