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Challenge: What’s in the box?

Beauty Products

As Australians we like to voice our opinions when we think something is wrong. We get angry when we hear about live cattle that we exported to other countries being treated inhumanely. We get angry when rainforests get knocked down for palm plantations. We get angry about global warming and failure by the government and big business to act. And when we get angry we sign petitions, post stuff on our Facebook walls and send emails. A while ago one of my lecturers made a really good point. He said that as a society we get angry but as a consumer, as an individual, we are less willing to make changes in our lives that support out societal views. Just recently a colleague said to me “it’s big business and government that drive the world – not individuals”. Continue Reading →

Make me up INIKA!

Twelve months ago I discovered the makeup I was using was tested on animals. I was mortified and instantly knew I’d have to change brands – and so began the search for the perfect makeup. For some this might be easy but not for me. Picture a pale face, uneven skin tone, excessive oiliness and I’m definitely no stranger to a pimple here or there. I need a make up that has good coverage but that won’t be lifting or sliding off my face by the end of the day. Continue Reading →