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{Podcast 009} Nicole Mathieson: kinesiologist and intimacy coach

Nicole Mathieson She Makes Magic Podcast

My first kinesiology session with Nicole Mathieson happened back in 2012. I walked in a broken-hearted, tear-stained mess. An hour and a half later I walked out holding tightly to a small space of peace Nicole had somehow miraculously etched into my core amidst the hurricane of depression, sadness and despair.

For over two years I returned to her clinic again and again.  Each time we stripped back another layer, going deeper and healing further. Nicole supported me as I healed from a broken heart, overcame my depression, kicked my drug and alcohol habits, said goodbye to toxic relationships, got honest about my sexuality, reconnected with my wise old soul, learnt to trust my intuition, quit my soul-sucking corporate job, bought my campervan, and finally started to fall in love with and own the person I truly am.

Nicole has epically and completely changed my entire life — from the inside out.

What Nicole does in her clinic can really only be described as magic. You have to experience it yourself to truly appreciate what an extraordinary healer she actually is. You see, it’s not just the kinesiology. It’s her ability to really go to that place with you. It’s her ability to find just the right words to crack you wide open and then rebuild you again into something more whole, more real, more you. Continue Reading →

{Podcast 007} Bex Weller: health and business coach and Sexy Sobriety Founder

Podcast 007 Bex Weller, health and business coach

Bex and I first ‘met’ in 2012  when she stumbled across our newly-birthed vegan blog and left a heart-warming comment. I quickly realised this was a girl I needed to get to know, and through a mutual love of vegan food blogging, we became online friends.

Fast forward to the present day and there really is no stopping this inspirational lady.

I’ve watched with awe as she’s turned her little vegan blog, Vegan Sparkles, into a full-blown wellness site with a huge following, quit her corporate nine-to-five day job to follow her dreams and created several eBooks, plus launched the popular Sparkle Project, Sexy Sobriety membership program and, her newest venture, Bex Weller business mentoring. Continue Reading →