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Spiced choc banana bliss balls

Vegan spiced choc banana bliss balls

My 30s are shaping up to be pretty darn awesome, if the past couple weeks are anything to go by. Actually, if the past few weeks are anything to go by, I’ll be eating my way through the next decade. Nothing wrong with that, right?

To celebrate my birthday a few weeks back, I threw a little eco party at my apartment here in Alicante. We made origami pterodactyls from the pages of an old book to decorate the house. My friends bought plates of vegan food to share. Everyone was really good about drinking fancy wine out of recycled jars. I felt more at home in Spain than ever before.

And I was spoilt absolutely rotten. My friends even gifted me a food processor! Clever cookies — they know they’ll be reaping the benefits of that guy for months to come.

Then Juan and Ania surprised me with the most delicious homemade banana and vanilla vegan ice cream cake. And as I bit into the base, I knew I wanted to eat this again. Regularly. In bliss ball form.

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Chocolate muesli slice

Chocolate muesli slice 1

Woo hoo!! Virtual Vegan Potluck is back {jumps excitedly around the room}! I love this day. So many great food bloggers, so many delicious vegan recipes all at the click of a button. It’s my idea of vegan heaven. Now just to get someone around here to cook for me…

Koren and I have been seasoned potluckers for a couple of years now, sharing our always-popular baked pesto mushies and a vegan version of our Mum’s bread and butter pudding.

This year we’re back with another dessert. This time a super-healthy dessert (read no refined sugar, yay!) – yummy chocolate muesli slice. Continue Reading →

13 chocolate treats for vegans

Chocolate for breakfast, chocolate for lunch, and… chocolate for dinner! It can only mean one thing… it’s Easter time!

Can I let you in on a little secret my animal-loving friend? Being vegan doesn’t mean missing out on all the Easter goodies. In fact, quite the opposite! There’s loads of chocolately goodness out there just ready and waiting to party it up on your taste-buds. Just to prove it, we’ve put together a list of 13 vegan chocolate treats from our favourite bloggers guaranteed to get you in the Easter-festive mood.

Now excuse me while I go wipe the drool from my chin…

#1 Chocolate hot cross buns by Veggieful

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Two ingredient chocolate ice cream

Chocolate Icecream

Every girl knows that lonely Saturday nights in front of the television require ice-creamy goodness. One such night had me scraping the cupboard desperate for something to kill my sweet tooth (we’ve all been there). Cue my best invention ever. This recipe is so simple to make and especially great for using up very ripe bananas – no ice cream machine necessary.

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