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Bread and butter pudding

Vegan Bread and Butter Pudding

Winter is almost upon us in Australia and when it gets cold my body tells me carbohydrates are the only way to go. Who am I to say no? This recipe is an old time favourite that my Mum used to cook for us when we were teeny tiny. I have modified her recipe just slightly to make it completely vegan but the majority of the recipe is all her doing. The smell of cinnamon, sultanas and baking bread take me back to when I was a little girl and I would hang around in the kitchen waiting to hear the clatter of plates, knowing that the pudding was almost about to be served. My Mum’s (now not so) secret signature on this dish is the thick lashings of apricot jam she spreads on just before the pudding finishes cooking. It packs an extra punch of sweetness and gives the pudding a mouth-watering shiny glaze. Continue Reading →