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Naturally scented healing homemade face and body butter

Naturally scented healing homemade face and body butter.

A few weeks ago an email lobbed into my inbox. An email from a Spanish girl now living in Australia. Turns out, we’d swapped sides of the world at almost the same time, back in 2013.

Naturally, I had to find out more.

I was instantly captivated by Sonia Orts‘s work. She’s an organic skincare specialist, an alchemist drawing from ancient women’s wisdom handed down from generation to generation.

Says Sonia: “I grew up in a family devoted to natural living. My great granny and her sisters made their own soaps, scrubs, creams and beauty oils. My grandmother was a herbal tea lover and her medicines were based on herb infusions and balms. My mum is a passionate gardener and raised me on a diet centred on fruits and veggies. So I belong to a long lineage of women who had ancient knowledge of alchemic beauty and health and who gifted me this wisdom, one generation at a time, over many years.”

Pretty cool, huh?

Though she’s crazy busy preparing for her upcoming wedding, Sonia kindly put her knowledge to work and came up with a richly scented healing homemade face and body butter, just for us.

Thanks, lady! Continue Reading →

Three-ingredient whipped organic chocolate body butter

homemade chocolate body butter

Coconut oil. What’s your opinion?

As a food, I love it. As a moisturiser, I hate it.

I’ve used it on my face, only to break out in pimples. I’ve used it on my body, only to experience an uncomfortable itchy, dry rash. Can anyone else relate?

I’ve wanted to make my own body butter for quite some time but most recipes contain coconut oil.

So here I’ve created my own intensely moisturising whipped chocolate body butter. It uses only three ingredients and it’s coconut oil-free. Continue Reading →