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{Podcast 012} Marisa Lynch: fashion blogger, author and New Dress A Day founder

New Dress A Day founder Marisa Lynch

A few years back, Marisa Lynch lost her magazine job to the global financial crisis and fell into depression.

Then, inspired by the film Julie and Julia, she turned to a passion she’d long neglected – sewing. Marisa challenged herself to make 365 upcycled dresses in 365 days, spending only a dollar a day.

Her New Dress A Day blog quickly went viral, and Marisa was asked to appear on television, was interviewed by the likes of The New York Times, and made dresses for celebrities. She even secured a book deal.

But what strikes me most about Marisa’s story is how she remained completely unattached to these outcomes, even amid all the success.

She says she wasn’t fussed about how popular her blog was, or if people liked the dresses she made. She simply did it because it made her feel good. That was the anchor she kept coming back to. That was her measure of success. Continue Reading →

{Podcast 011} Sash Milne: writer, photographer and social activist

Sash Milne, writer, photographer, social activist and creator of the Nothing New Project.

Have you ever noticed how we’re kind of obsessed with stuff? The perfect house, the nice car, the cool clothes, the latest gadgets.

We buy stuff to try to make ourselves happy, even though I think we all know deep down that our self worth doesn’t lie in this stuff.

So. What would happen if we just suddenly stopped buying stuff?

Last year, that’s exactly what Aussie writer, photographer and social activist Sash Milne did. For the whole of 2014, Sash committed to buy nothing new, aside from essentials like food.

What Sash discovered was, when she stopped buying mindless junk, something way more valuable began to fill that hole — real human connections. The kind of deep connections I think we all crave.

If you’ve ever felt disconnected, alone, or like you and your life are not enough, this podcast is for you.

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{Podcast 010} Lauren Aletta: intuitive coach and Inner Hue founder

Lauren Aletta Inner Hue

Lauren is an intuitive coach and the founder of Inner Hue, through which she conducts intuitive readings, soul-food sessions and workshops that support men and women to reconnect with their passions, intuition and soul-guidance.

Almost one year ago, on a warm spring day, in a lush green park in Brisbane, I met Lauren for a reading. During the reading, Lauren conversed directly with the deepest depths of my soul, side stepping all the bullshit and guiding me back to the truth of who I really am. Afterwards I felt like I was floating on a cloud. Abundant signs from the Universe poured in, I felt ground-breaking shifts in my ability to trust my intuition and, reflected back to me directly from Lauren, I started to see how my own sensitivity was a gift to be cherished. For days I slept with the rose quartz crystal she programmed for me under my pillow, my connection to and reminder of the magic that occurred during the reading. Still, a year on, I turn back to my notes from our session for constant guidance and reassurance that I am exactly where I need to be.

If you know Lauren’s work, it’s not hard to see that this is a woman that has found her purpose. She’s the kind of person that draws you in with her thoughtful, unique and refreshing views of the world. She has an insane ability to take the mystical world of intuition and higher guidance and explain it in a practical down-to-earth way. She is mind-blowingly intuitive, yet totally grounded. She’s extremely talented and gifted, yet oh-so-humble. She’s so obviously connected and tuned into the spiritual world, yet she is still so incredibly human. How beautiful and admirable it is to watch her create balance, harmony and success with such — what could be perceived as — contradicting natures at play. Continue Reading →

{Podcast 008} Lauren Singer: zero waste champion and Trash is for Tossers founder

Trash is for Tossers founder Lauren Singer

Three years ago, Lauren Singer decided to completely stop making trash.

Incredibly, every single piece of rubbish Lauren’s produced since then fits inside a single 450g Mason jar. Most of us would throw away more in just one day.

Adopting the Zero Waste philosophy has completely changed Lauren’s lifestyle. She’s learned to make her own beauty products and switched to shopping in bulk or at farmers’ markets. She buys only secondhand clothes, refuses single-use products and has dramatically downsized the stuff in her house.

And now she’s turning that lifestyle into a business. Continue Reading →

{Podcast 007} Bex Weller: health and business coach and Sexy Sobriety Founder

Podcast 007 Bex Weller, health and business coach

Bex and I first ‘met’ in 2012  when she stumbled across our newly-birthed vegan blog and left a heart-warming comment. I quickly realised this was a girl I needed to get to know, and through a mutual love of vegan food blogging, we became online friends.

Fast forward to the present day and there really is no stopping this inspirational lady.

I’ve watched with awe as she’s turned her little vegan blog, Vegan Sparkles, into a full-blown wellness site with a huge following, quit her corporate nine-to-five day job to follow her dreams and created several eBooks, plus launched the popular Sparkle Project, Sexy Sobriety membership program and, her newest venture, Bex Weller business mentoring. Continue Reading →