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Dry body brushing for healthy, glowing skin

Dry body brushing

I’ve always dreamed of having clear, glowing, beautiful, soft, luscious skin. Unfortunately, my battle with cystic acne and then adult acne has proven this dream to be a little difficult at obtaining. On my face, that is.

Now, the rest of my body is another story. I’m quite proud of the smooth, silky skin on my back, legs, chest and arms. Sure, my skin isn’t perfect but quite often I’m told, “Your skin is so soft!”

I put this skin-win down to my regular dry body brushing ritual. Continue Reading →

Homemade exfoliating coffee and cinnamon soap

Homemade exfoliating coffee and cinnamon soap

If you’re a coffee lover of the fancy kind – y’know, the kind that requires ground coffee made up in a plunger or machine, also known as the most freakin’ excellent kind – you’ll be well acquainted with the pain in the ass that is the leftover ground coffee.

Not only does it have a sneaky way of making a gritty mess everywhere, unless you’re a master composter it pretty much always ends up in the bin. Which doesn’t feel great for us folk trying to live a lower impact life.

I love coffee and I also love making my own all-natural homemade soap. So I put the two together and came up with a rather rad way to recycle used coffee while creating a marvellous invigorating and exfoliating shower scrub. Continue Reading →

Greening your bathroom: 12 simple steps to cosmetics so natural you can eat the ingredients

greening your bathroom

You’ve wondered, right?

You glance across the label of store-bought cosmetics and bathroom products and weirdly long and unintelligible words swim before your eyes. What the heck even are those?

And you wonder … could I be harming myself by sloshing this slew of unknowns across my body?

Um, yes. Yes you could.

There is evidence to suggest that nasties in cosmetics can adversely affect our health. Eye, nose, throat and lung irritations, headaches, aggravated allergies and potentially even more serious impacts like reproductive and developmental issues.

Toxic cosmetics aren’t doing our environment any favours once we wash them down the drain, either. (Don’t even get us started on those utterly pointless ocean-harming plastic microbeads that hide in so many common brands — even The Body Shop!)

So that’s the bad news.

Now for the hands-down freaking excellent news. Continue Reading →

Homemade soap, the traditional Castile way

Spanish grandmother Francisca, 81, prepares traditional homemade soap.We spend our lifetimes living and learning, collecting little pearls of wisdom and knowledge that shape the way we think and act and perceive our world.

But sometimes, I think, we forget that the elders in our society have walked these same paths before. They’re like a great beautiful leather-bound book of knowledge just waiting to be cracked open and read. We just have to find the time to honour that wisdom, to seek them out and listen and learn from their stories.

A few months back I spent an afternoon with the grandmother of my friend Juan (y’know, the guy of homemade vegan Nutella fame.)

Grandmother Francisca is 81-years-old, and grew up in Spain during the difficult years of civil war and rule under Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, a time of using and reusing by necessity because often there simply wasn’t enough to go around. Continue Reading →

Challenge: What’s in the box?

Beauty Products

As Australians we like to voice our opinions when we think something is wrong. We get angry when we hear about live cattle that we exported to other countries being treated inhumanely. We get angry when rainforests get knocked down for palm plantations. We get angry about global warming and failure by the government and big business to act. And when we get angry we sign petitions, post stuff on our Facebook walls and send emails. A while ago one of my lecturers made a really good point. He said that as a society we get angry but as a consumer, as an individual, we are less willing to make changes in our lives that support out societal views. Just recently a colleague said to me “it’s big business and government that drive the world – not individuals”. Continue Reading →