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{Podcast 006} Hannah Purss: adventurer and Australian Camel Solutions co-founder

Adventurer and Australian Camel Solutions founder Hannah Purss

Hannah Purss has courageously followed her heart even when it pushed her to ditch her city life, move to the harsh Australian Outback and start working with wild camels.

Yup, camels!

What makes Hannah’s unconventional career even more extraordinary is the fact that she’s originally a city girl. Hannah grew up in Sydney, about as far away from the Outback as you can get.

Before camels, Hannah flitted from job to job, determined to experience everything she could while trying to find her true passion. She also caught the travel bug and repeatedly headed off overseas, often alone.

But in 2011, Hannah found herself in a rut, in a cycle of going abroad and loving life and then coming back to Sydney and hating it. So she did something drastic: she sold up all her stuff and moved to Uluru in the dusty centre of Australia. Continue Reading →

{Podcast 002} Alana Helbig: free-spirited gypsy and She Makes Magic co-founder

Alana Helbig, She Makes Magic co-founder

Alana’s always been an epically positive influence in my life, but perhaps never more so than in the past couple of years. The courageous change she’s embraced lately is pretty bloody extraordinary.

So I’m super stoked that my dear older sister, bestie and fellow She Makes Magic creator — Alana Helbig — is sharing her story on the podcast today.

Five years ago, Alana started feeling like her life just wasn’t quite right somehow. Everything in her life didn’t seem to fit anymore: her job, her university studies, her toxic relationship with drugs and alcohol, even her sexuality.

Then her five-year relationship ended. Struggling to let go, Alana threw herself into a monumental journey of healing and for the first time in her life, began to truly own who she is.

Now Alana’s on a hunt for her true passion and purpose. And she’s taken a giant leap of faith to find it: this year she quit her corporate job in Brisbane, packed her life into Walter the Campervan and headed off on an epic “journey of soul discovery” around Australia — all alone.

It’s truly inspiring stuff, especially because this interview catches Alana right at the beginning of her trip, right in the beautiful free-fall that comes just after the leap. Continue Reading →