Super green broad bean salad

Guess what, amigos? I’ve finally arrived in sunny Spain! Barcelona, to be exact. Hurrah! I plan to spend the next year(ish) living in this beautiful country so it feels rather momentous to have finally landed here.


First port of call was the local supermercado and after spending the past few weeks convalescing in Slovakia, where the veggies were less than amazing (slight understatement!), I was thrilled to discover a veritable rainbow of tantalizingly fresh fruit and vegetables of all descriptions. Coriander! And broad beans, one of my absolute favourite foods! I love the lush pop of green they add to a dish and I figure anything that colourful must be uber healthy.

I kind of made up this salad as I went and it was so tasty I just had to share the recipe. It’s packed with several different sources of protein and is just about as green as you can get. Try it for lunch. It’s amazeballs (technical term).

Broad bean salad4

What goes in:

Generous handful of rocket lettuce
Half a Lebanese cucumber, diced into smallish cubes
Generous handful of broad beans (fresh or frozen is fine), shelled
Half a shallot or green garlic shoots, sliced
Parmesan cheese (ditch this if you’re vegan)
Fresh coriander
Small handful of sunflower kernels, toasted

How you do it:

Prepare the broad beans first. I use the frozen variety and totally ignore the instructions on the packet as I find it makes them go all squishy. Yuk. Instead just throw them in cold water for a couple minutes, which defrosts them enough that you can then easily pop the bold green beans from their duller green shell.

Chop up everything else then toast the sunflower seeds in a dry pan or under the grill. But be careful as they burn very easily! They only need about 30 seconds to a minute to toast.

Throw it all into a bowl and chow down! You could add a squeeze of lemon over the top if you fancy, but I found it was also delish left unadorned.

Broad bean salad1

Broad bean salad2

Broad bean salad3

Broad bean salad5

A small confession: I grabbed green garlic shoots thinking they were shallots – yeah, my Spanish needs a lot of work – but actually loved the sharp spicy tang it added to my salad. A happy accident.

By the way, adding toasted seeds or nuts to salads is a great way to up the protein content with minimal fuss. They taste excellent, too. I reckon Heidi from 101 Cookbooks is the queen of this technique, so head on over if you’re after more first-class ideas on how to incorporate these goodies into your salads.



2 Responses to Super green broad bean salad

  1. sandrakohlmann May 25, 2013 at 9:20 pm #

    This looks magnificent. We’re a few weeks away from great, local produce here in midwestern US. I am dying for delicious, fresh veggies!

    • Koren May 25, 2013 at 9:31 pm #

      I know exactly what you mean. It’s funny how much you start craving fresh food when it’s not readily available. Hopefully not too long to wait for you! 🙂