{Podcast 033} Katie Dean: finding the humour in the shadows

Katie Dean She Makes Magic

Katie Dean, Mindset and motivation mechanic, first dropped into my life just over a year ago when she invited me to be a guest on her website YOUR WILD LIFE.

I was instantly attracted to Katie’s quirky sense of humour, her down-to-earth nature and her pure heart of gold.

As you’ll hear in this interview, Katie has this unique capacity to go deep and honest in conversation while keeping things light-hearted and simple. You’ll hear her talk about her journey with anxiety, what this has meant for her family life and for her business, why she ultimately decided to take anxiety medication, and how she’s learnt to find the humour as she’s navigated this path.

In this interview, Katie shares:

+ Her journey with anxiety, why she ultimately decided to take anxiety medication and the stigma she faced around this.

+ Redefining success after the birth of her son.

+ The reality of being a Mum while running an online business.

+ Why your outside world is a direct reflection of your internal landscape.

+ The danger of defining yourself by your job title / business.

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My favourite quote from Katie’s interview is:

Katie Dean She Makes Magic

Resources Katie mentions in this interview:

+ Soulful Swagger – Katie’s ecourse

Connect with Katie at:

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