{Podcast 032} Vienda Maria: freedom is a feeling

Vienda Maria She Makes Magic
Vienda Maria’s first memory of the desire for freedom came at the age of six when her step-father cut off her beautiful long hair. From that day forward, she dreamed of living life on her own terms.

And, just like the manifesting goddess that she is, that’s exactly the life she has created.

Vienda has spent the majority of her life travelling the world and choosing a path that best honours the desires of her soul. You’ll hear her explain that, more often than not, this has required her to go against the status quo. But, in turn, has taught her how to deeply trust in her own inner guidance.

Here’s a woman who walks her talk and is a shining example of how magical life can be when we stop looking for the answers outside ourselves and start listening to the wise voice within.

In this interview, Vienda shares:

+ Her story from psychology student, to the music festival scene, to blogger, to online biz owner and mentor.

+ Her experimentation with psychedelic drugs and how this gave her a deeper understanding of human behaviour, belief systems and thought processes.

+ How to cultivate trust in your own intuition.

+ The importance of spending time with people who are thriving examples of the kind of life you want to live.

+ Why she believes our fears are doorways to breakthroughs and how to sit with the discomfort of fear.

+ Why creating space and time to journey inwards is essential for living a life of freedom.

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My favourite quote from Vienda’s interview is:

Vienda Maria She Makes Magic

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One Response to {Podcast 032} Vienda Maria: freedom is a feeling

  1. Alyssa Coleman June 12, 2017 at 2:21 am #

    Girl! I really needed to hear that today, freedom is such a paradigm and the way you describe it couldn’t be more inspiring! Thanks for sharing <3