{Podcast 031} Caroline Sanchez: saying goodbye to the good girl archetype

Caroline Sanchez She Makes Magic

Caroline Sanchez, an oncology nurse, hoop dancer and women’s movement guide, began her soul work at the age of 21 when her mother Grace passed away from breast cancer.

Following the subtle thread of her soul’s guidance, she became an oncology nurse, discovered hoop dancing in a city park, married the alternative art of hoop dancing with the Western medicine world through her Masters thesis, and became a Women’s Empowerment Movement Mentor.

Having worked as an oncology nurse for over 12 years, supporting women newly diagnosed with breast cancer, Caroline has a very unique and potent way of looking at the world. Be inspired by her joy for life and her message of letting go of the good girl archetype and learning to resource from the fierce unapologetic love for our gifts and passions. Even when this might look wild, crazy, ugly or inappropriate to others.

In this interview, Caroline shares:

+ Discovering her soul work at the age of 21 after her mother Grace passed away from breast cancer.

+ Her experience with burn out and compassion fatigue in the nursing world.

+ How and why she started hoop dancing and what this daily practice has taught her about joy, body play and her soul gifts.

+ Marrying the alternative art of hoop dancing with conventional Western medicine and how her fear of being dismissed and judged as a “hippy” influenced this journey.

+ Feeling guided on the soul path and tuning into the subtleties of symbolism and synchronicity.

+ What it means to truly let go of the “good girl” archetype and show up in our raw fullness, even when this might look wild, ugly or inappropriate.

+ Learning to trust that your unique offerings and gifts are needed in this world.

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My favourite quote from Caroline’s interview is:

Caroline Sanchez She Makes Magic

Resources Caroline mentions in this interview:

+ Tulasi Adeva – Caroline’s intuitive, somatic coach

+ Hoop dancing to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue among nurses – Caroline’s masters thesis

+ The Red Thread with Laura Anne Page – the recent soul navigation retreat Caroline attended.

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