{Podcast 029} Nadine Lee: spirituality, sexuality and connecting back to soul

Nadine Lee She Makes Magic

Nadine Lee has always had a deep connection to her spirituality and sexuality. At the age of 14, she had an intense and totally unexpected Kundalini awakening. At the time, Nadine thought she was losing her mind. With no one to turn to and no idea what was going on, she shut down her connection to spirit.

What followed was total abandonment of her soul path. Her life became filled with self-destructive habits –  partying, alcohol, drugs, casual sex and eating disorders.

Listen in as Nadine shares her journey from a disconnected marketing and advertising guru to connected tantra yoga teacher, sacred sexuality guide, energy healer and nutritionist.

In this interview, Nadine shares:

+ Why she shut down her connection to spirit after an intense Kundalini awakening at the age of 14 and how this impacted her schooling, career and life choices.

+ What it feels like in the body to be disconnected from your soul path.

+ Using drugs, alcohol, sex and food to fill the void.

+ Her experience with sexual abuse as a young child which eventually lead her to discover Tantra.

+ How overcoming the desire for acceptance propelled her business forward.

+ Why feeling good is paramount to creating an abundant life.

+ Moving through the fear of doing your soul work by aligning back to your heart.

+ Her exploration with breaking away from labels and defining her worth through her work.

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My favourite quote from Nadine’s interview is:

Nadine Lee She Makes Magic Quote

Resources Nadine mentions in this interview:

+ Australian Institute of Applied Science – where Nadine studied nutritional medicine.

+ Shri Kali Traditional Tantra Ashram – where Nadine completed her Tantra Yoga Teacher Training.

+ Marie Forleo’s B-School – the business training which propelled Nadine’s business forward.

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