{Podcast 027} Michelle Marie McGrath: falling in love with yourself

Michelle Marie McGrath She Makes Magice

Back in 2003, Michelle Marie McGrath was living in Australia in a beautiful house on the water. She was excelling in her career and winning national awards. She appeared to be happily married. For an outsider looking in, it seemed Michelle was living the dream.

On the inside, however, Michelle was miserable. She says she felt like she was living someone else’s life.

One night, while deep in meditation, Michelle found herself asking “What do I most need?”

“Self-love” was what she heard in return.

This simple yet profound question propelled her down a path of deep introspection and awakening.

As you’ll hear Michelle share in this interview, committing to self-love wasn’t easy. She suffered a miscarriage, her marriage broke-down and she battled with illness, anxiety and depression as she rediscovered her lost love for herself.

Yet, what I adore about Michelle’s story, is her unwavering commitment to herself and her trust in her own intuition. You see, even though it seemed like her entire life was crumbling around her, Michelle still followed the soft whispers of her soul. Intuitively she developed a self-love range of alchemical oils which she used on herself to release old patterns and then eventually she began offering these oils to other women, forming the foundation of her intuitive-based business, Sacred Self.

Now Michelle is a self-love mentor for other women and host of the ground-breaking podcast series Unclassified Woman. Michelle is passionate about helping other women commit to a loving relationship with themselves and create lives of purpose beyond traditional paradigms.

In this interview, Michelle shares:

+ The story of her 10-year exploration and quest for self-love.

+ How she used meditation and her intuition to create her self-love range of alchemical oils.

+ Her battle with depression and the interesting experience in brazil which helped her to move through this.

+ Why seeking love externally rather than cultivating it within yourself can create confusion and anxiety.

+ How your relationships can change as you walk the soul-path and why this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

+ Why your relationship with your parents becomes a filter through how you perceive your relationships with others and with yourself.

+ Why she created her hugely popular podcast series – Unclassified Woman – which speaks to an audience of women who don’t have or don’t intend to have children.

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My favourite quote from Michelle’s interview is:

Michelle Marie McGrath She Makes Magic Podcast

Resources Michelle mentions in this interview:

+ Michelle’s self-love alchemical oils

+ Unclassified Woman – Michelle’s ground-breaking, award finalist podcast series which features inspiring conversations with child-free or childless women around the globe, creating lives of purpose beyond traditional paradigms.

+ John of God – the unconscious medium Michelle visited in Brazil.

Connect with Michelle at:

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2 Responses to {Podcast 027} Michelle Marie McGrath: falling in love with yourself

  1. elizabeth April 20, 2016 at 10:03 am #

    What is it I am most avoiding? Creating the time for silence! I find what comes up so confronting during meditation! Time to push through the block!

    • Alana April 26, 2016 at 5:25 pm #

      Oh yes! I know this story well. Silence is so important for us to realign back to our truth and reconnect to the deep wisdom of the soul. xx