{Podcast 021} Lessons in struggle and surrender on Alana Helbig’s epic solo road trip around Australia

Alana Helbig She Makes Magic Interview

When I last spoke to my awesome big sister Alana Helbig for the podcast series (episode #002), she was standing right at the foot of an epic adventure – preparing to drive all the way around Australia in Walter the Campervan, all on her own.

Nine months and 30,000km later, Alana’s returned home.

And god, what an adventure she’s had.

This is not a story about all the incredible places Alana visited, the people she met and the things she saw. Yes, these types of cool things happened along the way.

But Alana had always insisted that her road trip was more about a journey within, about stepping away from a lifestyle that no longer felt right and using this time alone in her campervan to delve deeply into her own self. A period of intense introspection. Choosing to go within.

Alana says if she had one word to describe her trip, it would be “struggle”. Which sounds pretty awful, right? And there definitely were some incredibly tough times.

You’ll hear Alana speak just so honestly about how she fell into a deep, dark depression, which for weeks she tried to ignore. After all, this was the trip of a lifetime, wasn’t it? Why the hell was she so sad?

Refusing to confront her feelings, Alana instead tried to numb out with emotional eating, which only led to weight gain, acne and a whole heap more negative self-talk.

It was only after something went really wrong that things began to shift.

Alana says after Walter broke down and had to be trucked almost 1000kms to Brisbane for repairs, a series of synchronistic events led her to a healthier way of living and a whole new understanding of herself.

You’ll hear her describe a moment of complete breakdown in a forest, and the realisation that followed the next morning. She also reveals how she finally let go of all the pushing, pain and struggle and shifted into a beautiful state of feminine surrender.

And that’s when the magic really began to happen.

In this interview, Alana shares:

+ How she began to break the cycle of eating to numb herself to feelings of fear, frustration, pain and stress.

+ Why the breakdown of her campervan proved to be a major awakening moment.

+ The lightbulb moment she experienced after being coached (live on the She Makes Magic podcast!) into embodying her depression and how she continues to use embodiment practices to shift intense emotional pain.

+ How she began to break down the walls she’d built around her heart and move into a more open-hearted and vulnerable existence.

+ How she cultivates a connection with the universe in order to co-create or manifest what she needs (everything from new underwear to money – seriously!).

+ How she learned to stop sweating the big picture and be comfortable with what is, right now, uncertain though the future may be.

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My favourite quote from Alana’s interview is:

Alana Helbig's quote on struggle for She Makes Magic: The Podcast Series.

Resources Alana mentions in this interview:

+ Alana’s first She Makes Magic podcast interview, recorded last year just before set off on her solo road trip around Australia.

+ Alana’s podcast interview with Bex Weller, recorded in person at Perth while Alana was on the road.

+ Lauren Aletta from Inner Hue, who helped Alana work through her pain after Walter broke down (+ Alana’s podcast interview with Lauren).

+ Brene Brown’s The Anatomy of Trust video, in which Brene explains how trust starts in the small, everyday moments.

Books Alana mentions in this interview:

+ Writing Down Your Soul by Jannet Conner.

+ When Food is Love by Geneen Roth.

+ A Course in Weight Loss by Marianne Williamson.

+ The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle.

Connect with Alana at:

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6 Responses to {Podcast 021} Lessons in struggle and surrender on Alana Helbig’s epic solo road trip around Australia

  1. Kirsty Lee January 25, 2016 at 3:09 pm #

    Phwoar, Alana & Koren this is BIG. Well done to you both for sharing this story. Alana, you are remarkable. X

    • Alana January 26, 2016 at 10:11 am #

      Oh thank you, Kirsty! Mwah! xxx

  2. Anokina Shahbaz (@AnokinaS) January 27, 2016 at 6:01 am #

    Dear Alana – you are such a sweet soul and have grown so much. I loved this interview and listening to your story. I hope you know that this ‘solo’ trip you took was not just for yourself, but for all the women out there that it’s going to touch and help. You have braved the way for so many to come into contact with their own darkness and therein find the light. I am one of them. Your story moved me in a way that nudged me further along the path of my own self-transformation. In fact, it tipped me over a wall I had been facing for so long. What really helped me was hearing you say to surrender our need for clarity and that there’s 1 thing we’re supposed to do. That statement was like a light bulb for me. After I finished listening to the podcast, I sat in my car in the parking lot at home and just cried my eyes out. I surrendered my own need for clarity, which I’ve had for over a decade. It had become a poisonous weight I was carrying around that was only weighing me down instead of helping me. After I surrendered it, I felt so free and light. And the irony of it all… I actually gained more clarity about my life from doing that than I ever had before when I was “grasping” on to the need for clarity. You will never know the impact your story had on me… suffice it to say the personal work you did had universal impact. I am much more trusting of just being in the moment without having to have it all figured out. I’m sure there’s more work to be done, but I am no longer scared of the outcome or my future. Thank you for the work both you and Koren are doing through She Makes Magic and for sharing your personal journeys with us. You are both amazing and brave. I wish you nothing but joy, peace, and success. Say hello to Walter for me! 🙂

    • Alana January 29, 2016 at 9:38 am #

      Anokina, beauty, thank you for sharing this message here with all of us. You brought me to tears reading this! It makes my heart burst knowing that my story has helped you in some way. I am so glad that the clarity statement was a light bulb moment for you. I, too, have found the need for clarity like a poisonous weight. Blocking me from moving forward. Isn’t it crazy that the “pushing” to see things clearly actually makes things more fuzzy? “I don’t know” became a mantra I would say to myself over and over again, and eventually it became my reality. There are certainly times when we don’t know, times of mystery, the unknown, being in the dark. But, as I’m learning, these times of mystery are and can be just as potent, powerful and transformational as the times of clarity. It is simply just the mindset and approach we bring to them. When we really sink and surrender into these moments of mystery, the wisdom and learnings we discover here are life-changing. To know that the unknown is actually just part of the unfolding of the journey, makes being there all the more exciting. You too are brave and amazing, beauty. Thank you for being here with us. To walking the path of mystery together! xxxx


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