{Podcast 18} Jenna Ward: from major control freak to an unscripted life

Kinesiologist and embodiment coach Jenna Ward

Over the past five years, Jenna Ward has made a dramatic transformation from uninspired hospital pharmacist to freedom-loving kinesiologist and embodiment coach.

And she’s done it all using one simple strategy: following her curiosity.

In this chat, Jenna delves deep into how she made the change, revealing how she dealt with doubt and judgement from close friends and family, while letting old relationships die in a healthy way. Plus, she offers wisdom on financial fear, career confusion, emotional turmoil and building self-trust.

Jenna also shares:

+ The one daunting question that changed her life, and how she broke it down into small, achievable stepping stones.

+ How you can open to more joy, more passion and more pleasure, accessing near limitless energy reserves.

+ Why opening to our true passions often also opens the door to pain and sadness – and how to cope.

+ How she discovered an old family story was keeping her own savings locked in an “energetic safe” – and how she freed up her cash.

+ Why the story of “I’ve got so much work to do on myself” keeps us from feeling good right now.

+ Why she believes our purpose in life is to make ourselves feel happy and full – and why there’s nothing selfish about living via that philosophy.

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My favourite quote from Jenna’s interview is:

Jenna Ward's quote on pleasure from She Makes Magic: The Podcast Series.

Resources Jenna mentions in this interview:

+ Unscript Life – Jenna’s six-week adventure for women ready to live more of life.

When you don’t show up as your whole self in your life, then who’s life are you living? – Jenna’s blog post about breaking up with her partner.

+ Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts – teaching women to use the power of pleasure to have their way with the world.

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