{Podcast 015} Bec Van Leeuwen: stop controlling your life and start surrendering to your soul

Bec Van Leeuwen She Makes Magic The Podcast SeriesBec Van Leeuwen She Makes Magic The Podcast Series

Though I’ve never met Bec Van Leeuwen in person, I’ve watched with quiet admiration as she’s created her heart-centred, soul-aligned biz — Soul Sister Circle — an organisation that creates opportunities for women to come together to learn, be inspired, forge meaningful friendships, and create powerful collaborations.

You only need to glance briefly at the work Bec is doing to know that she is in tune, connected, and committed to her soul’s work. My assumption was that Bec had always been this way. So, when Bec began sharing her story with me, I was shocked to find someone whose past story was just like mine.

Her need to control, her struggle with letting go, her unattainable desire for perfection, her fear of letting herself truly feel, defining her own self-worth and identity by her job title.  I felt the grip around my heart release slightly as she shared all this with me. Finally, here is someone who has been entrapped in her own struggle cycle of control and fear but has somehow managed to break free. Here is someone who has been in the trenches, doing the work, learning the lessons, making the mistakes and learning again. Here is someone who is human, real, just doing the best she can at each moment in time.

Bec’s journey is refreshing because there’s no overnight success story and no false pretence that she’s got it all figured out. It was only through her learning how to get out of her own way, finally let go and give herself permission to fully express herself and her soul’s desires in this world, when the magic truly started to happen.

If you feel lost or like a slow learner or like you’re behind every body else in this journey of self-awakening and transformation, this is THE story for you.

You’re in for a real treat.

In this interview Bec shares:

+ Her story from corporate-world-video-editor, to a Budhhist monk personal assistant, back into the corporate world, to life coach, to soul-led business owner.

+ The story of how Soul Sister Circle was born and the fears she had to overcome in order to bring her inspired vision to life.

+ Her struggle with needing to control every aspect of her life and the power she discovered in learning to let go and truly surrender to her soul.

+ How comparing herself to other women left her in a state of ego-driven fear and discomfort.

+ Mother’s guilt and how she releases the pressure for perfection by setting clear intentions.

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My favourite quote from Bec’s interview is:

Bec Van Leeuwen She Makes Magic The Podcast Series

Resources Bec mentions in this interview:

+ The Coaching Institute – where Bec acquired her coaching qualification

Connect with Bec at:

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2 Responses to {Podcast 015} Bec Van Leeuwen: stop controlling your life and start surrendering to your soul

  1. Anokina Shahbaz (@AnokinaS) October 21, 2015 at 11:47 am #

    Alana and Koren – this was by far my FAVORITE interview you’ve done, and I’ve seen and loved them all! There was not a word that Bec uttered that I couldn’t relate to. I related to her on so many levels; it was as if she was telling MY story. Of course the circumstances weren’t exactly the same, but the energy behind them – spot on. I loved listening to her story, her raw honesty, her vulnerability, and her wisdom. I love that she emphasized baby steps. I’ve been on my own journey of self-transformation, but at times it doesn’t even feel like one because it’s a very slow process. I’m still searching for my “purpose” and where I belong, but learning to take it one day at a time and incorporate baby steps into the process. THANK YOU to you both for putting on this podcast; it’s actually the one I look forward to listening to the most. I learn so much about myself and always walk away with more insight and inspiration. All of the women you feature are so relatable; they are still “in progress,” and still fumble like the rest of us. They’re a joy to listen to and your questions are so helpful. So thanks again and keep at it! Much love from California, Ann (chasemymuse.com).

    • Alana October 21, 2015 at 4:03 pm #

      Hi Ann! I felt exactly the same way when Bec shared her story with me. How encouraging it is to hear the real stories and details from women who have had to really work at it to awaken to their magnificence. I found comfort in hearing that she was able to move through the confusion, the fear, the doubt and come out the other side more aligned and connected with clarity of her purpose. There’s hope for me yet! Thank you for popping over here and leaving these kind words. xx