{Podcast 013} Sarah Durham Wilson, divine feminine artist and writer

Sarah Durham Wilson

Sarah Durham Wilson used to be a rock journalist interviewing stars for top magazines like Rolling Stone and GQ. Then her non-stop party girl lifestyle took its toll.

Burnt out and broken-hearted, Sarah fell to her knees beside her bed and begged for change – or death.

Hitting rock bottom sparked a monumental transformation that has seen Sarah emerge as a deeply wise divine feminine writer and artist. She now writes under her pen name Doitgirl, and also runs powerful courses and retreats dedicated to healing the self to heal the world.

Sarah’s journey has been bloody hard and she’s not pretending she has it all figured out yet. She speaks with raw honesty in this podcast about the messiness of transformation, in a way that is deeply comforting.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re too messy, too out of control, or too close to rock bottom, this frank and forthright podcast is for you.

We’re also super excited to announce that Sarah is generously giving away a copy of each of her two new books, I Love Being A Woman (Musings From New Mexico) and The Doitgirl Diaries. Find out how to enter the draw at the end of the interview.

In this interview Sarah shares:

+ How things went from bad to worse to truly terrible before she reached her moment of awakening.

+ Why she believes depression is an important life signpost that must not be ignored or numbed out.

+ How to find your passion and purpose – by following your joy but also by delving into your deepest wound.

+ How creatives and healers can break the “starving artist” stigma by recognising their own worth first.

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My favourite quote from Sarah’s interview is:







Resources Sarah mentions in this interview:

+ The Coven Conversations – a series of 13 chats, hosted by Sarah, with women who have found their sacred purpose on the planet.

+ Kripalu Centre for Yoga and Health – the spiritual centre where Sarah spent six months learning yoga, meditation and energy grounding techniques.

+ Shakti Sunfire – a conscious dance and movement guide, whom Sarah met while in Hawaii. The pair now regularly collaborate together.

+ American mythologist, writer and lecturer Joseph Campbell.

+ Author and religious scholar Andrew Harvey.

Connect with Sarah at:

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