{Podcast 011} Sash Milne: writer, photographer and social activist

Sash Milne, writer, photographer, social activist and creator of the Nothing New Project.

Have you ever noticed how we’re kind of obsessed with stuff? The perfect house, the nice car, the cool clothes, the latest gadgets.

We buy stuff to try to make ourselves happy, even though I think we all know deep down that our self worth doesn’t lie in this stuff.

So. What would happen if we just suddenly stopped buying stuff?

Last year, that’s exactly what Aussie writer, photographer and social activist Sash Milne did. For the whole of 2014, Sash committed to buy nothing new, aside from essentials like food.

What Sash discovered was, when she stopped buying mindless junk, something way more valuable began to fill that hole — real human connections. The kind of deep connections I think we all crave.

If you’ve ever felt disconnected, alone, or like you and your life are not enough, this podcast is for you.

In this interview Sash shares:

+ How a remote Indonesian village showed her the real meaning of human connection.

+ How she picked herself up from the heartbreak of marital breakdown after returning to Australia alone with a young baby.

+ How allowing herself to be vulnerable and placing trust in strangers allowed her to quickly build deep friendships after moving to a new city where she knew almost no one.

+ The epiphany she had on Christmas Eve at a busy department store.

+ Why buying stuff will never make us happy — but how using these transactions as a way to connect with other humans can.

+ The three questions she now asks herself before buying anything.

+ Why she believes there is nothing more important than real human connections (and why Facebook and Instagram connections don’t count).

+ What time banking is and how she’s helped set one up in Bunbury, Western Australia.

+ How changing her outer world forced a drastic reevaluation of her inner beliefs.

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My favourite quote from Sash’s interview is:

Sash Milne's quote on how clothes and possessions do not define us.

Resources Sash mentions in this interview:

+ Project Bunbury — the community time banking initiative Sash has co-founded in Bunbury, Western Australia.

+ Bonus: Check out Sash’s TEDxPerth talk, where she beautifully describes the lessons she learnt from 12 months of buying nothing new.

Connect with Sash at:

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