{Podcast 010} Lauren Aletta: intuitive coach and Inner Hue founder

Lauren Aletta Inner Hue

Lauren is an intuitive coach and the founder of Inner Hue, through which she conducts intuitive readings, soul-food sessions and workshops that support men and women to reconnect with their passions, intuition and soul-guidance.

Almost one year ago, on a warm spring day, in a lush green park in Brisbane, I met Lauren for a reading. During the reading, Lauren conversed directly with the deepest depths of my soul, side stepping all the bullshit and guiding me back to the truth of who I really am. Afterwards I felt like I was floating on a cloud. Abundant signs from the Universe poured in, I felt ground-breaking shifts in my ability to trust my intuition and, reflected back to me directly from Lauren, I started to see how my own sensitivity was a gift to be cherished. For days I slept with the rose quartz crystal she programmed for me under my pillow, my connection to and reminder of the magic that occurred during the reading. Still, a year on, I turn back to my notes from our session for constant guidance and reassurance that I am exactly where I need to be.

If you know Lauren’s work, it’s not hard to see that this is a woman that has found her purpose. She’s the kind of person that draws you in with her thoughtful, unique and refreshing views of the world. She has an insane ability to take the mystical world of intuition and higher guidance and explain it in a practical down-to-earth way. She is mind-blowingly intuitive, yet totally grounded. She’s extremely talented and gifted, yet oh-so-humble. She’s so obviously connected and tuned into the spiritual world, yet she is still so incredibly human. How beautiful and admirable it is to watch her create balance, harmony and success with such — what could be perceived as — contradicting natures at play.

Still, as you’ll hear in this interview, it hasn’t always come easy for Lauren. During her journey she’s suffered from confusion, depression, money blocks and fear. She’s had to look closely at her own belief system and sit in discomfort as she transitioned from her old life to where she is now. I love her attitude to this process though — she views the discomfort as a wonderful learning opportunity and, simply, just a part of the adventure of life.

Lauren is the creator of the free monthly ebook series — Soul School monthly and of the hugely popular Connected & Free Oracle cards. Just as Lauren lives and breathes the world of mystical intuition, these cards emanate the very same energy. The artwork on these cards is to die for and their guidance is always spot on. I won’t use any other card deck these days.

We’re also SUPER excited to announce that Lauren has generously donated a pack of her oracle cards to giveaway to one of our lucky tribe members. I talk more about how you can go into the draw to win this prize at the end of the interview.

In this interview Lauren shares:

+ The step by step process she went through to get Inner Hue off the ground.

+ The hilarious story of how she paused to tune into Universal guidance during her resignation meeting with her boss.

+ How she financially supported herself and her three children during the launch of her business.

+ Depression as a learning opportunity and how she navigated her way through her own depression.

+ How to tell the difference between fear-related discomfort versus misalignment-related discomfort.

+ Universal humour and temper tantrums.

+ Money blocks and how to work through these by realigning your energy.

+ Why chakras are useful support tools for transitionary periods.

+ Plus loads of other goodness.

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My favourite quote from Lauren’s interview is:

Lauren Aletta She Makes Magic Podcast quote

Resources Lauren mentions in this interview:

+ Soul school monthly — the free ebook series in which Lauren shares all her wisdom and knowledge. Check out the April edition for information on chakras.

+ Connected & Free oracle cards — the gorgeous oracle cards created by Lauren.

+ Want to know more about chakras? Check out my post here.

Connect with Lauren at:

What is your biggest take-away from this conversation with Lauren? Share it with us in the comments below.

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3 Responses to {Podcast 010} Lauren Aletta: intuitive coach and Inner Hue founder

  1. Leah Hattendorff August 13, 2015 at 4:14 pm #

    Ahh, so cool to get some great advice from Lauren! That lady is a star. Loved the interview, Alana! *fingers crossed to win the oracle deck* 🙂

    • Alana August 21, 2015 at 1:45 pm #

      She most definitely is a star! So glad you loved the interview, babe. xx


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