{Podcast 006} Hannah Purss: adventurer and Australian Camel Solutions co-founder

Adventurer and Australian Camel Solutions founder Hannah Purss

Hannah Purss has courageously followed her heart even when it pushed her to ditch her city life, move to the harsh Australian Outback and start working with wild camels.

Yup, camels!

What makes Hannah’s unconventional career even more extraordinary is the fact that she’s originally a city girl. Hannah grew up in Sydney, about as far away from the Outback as you can get.

Before camels, Hannah flitted from job to job, determined to experience everything she could while trying to find her true passion. She also caught the travel bug and repeatedly headed off overseas, often alone.

But in 2011, Hannah found herself in a rut, in a cycle of going abroad and loving life and then coming back to Sydney and hating it. So she did something drastic: she sold up all her stuff and moved to Uluru in the dusty centre of Australia.

Then one day she spotted tourists riding camels and just instantly knew this was for her. Despite never having ridden a camel before in her life, Hannah bluffed her way into a job at a local camel farm. Soon after, she met her boyfriend Evan Casey and moved out to a remote cattle station with him to train camels caught from the wild.

Last year, Hannah and Evan did something wildly adventurous together. They trekked their small herd of camels 2000 kilometres from Alice Springs in the Northern Territory to Port Pirie in South Australia.

Every day for three months, Hannah and Evan walked beside their camels through some of Australia’s wildest country. It was, Hannah says, the most intense experience of her life, almost like spiritual surgery.

Now Hannah and Evan are setting up a camel milk dairy, one of the first in Australia. Because Hannah’s realised camels are her passion, her life calling.

In this interview Hannah shares:

+ Why she believes flitting from job to job for years helped her find her passion.

+ How she and her boyfriend carried on with their dream camel trek, even after they were robbed of $3000.

+ How the certainty of being on the right path helps her deal with fear.

+ The importance of following your gut instincts.

+ How she holds onto and nurtures her femininity in a male-dominated world.

+ How she uses other people’s negativity and doubt as a way to motivate herself to keep learning and growing.

+ How caring for a herd of camels taught her the keys to deep friendships – with humans!

+ The culture shock that can come after huge life change.

+ Plus loads more goodness.

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My favourite quote from Hannah’s interview is:

Hannah Purss's quote on how to find the real you

Resources Hannah mentions in this interview:

+ Karen Ellis of Camel Treks Australia, who has been a major role model and mentor for Hannah.

Connect with Hannah at:

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