Pop your headphones in and grab a moment of bliss with our favourite meditations.

Chakra cleanse meditation 150x150
Guided Chakra Cleanse for Busy People *
Is your energy feeling a littleā€¦ funky? Your chakras might be shouting out for some TLC. This 30 minute medi guides you through cleansing each of your chakras, finishing with a body-tingling white light healing. For grounding, flowing creativity, increased abundance, heightened intuition and shifting self-limiting beliefs. Yup, we're addicted to this meditation.
Life Life Love Life Meditation
Live Life Love Life
Created by our amazing mum, Cynthia Helbig, this guided 10-minute meditation uses healing white light to integrate, revitalise and realign your energies, including your chakras, DNA and endocrine system. You can literally feel your heart opening while gently connecting with the grounding heartbeat of Mother Earth, inviting in more creative energy and pure love. Awesome.
Heal Your Heart Meditation Nicole Mathieson
Heal Your Heart by Nicole Mathieson
Together, through the gentle, earthy music and Nicole's soothing words, you and your heart are guided on a journey through the depths of the darkness, coming out the other side lighter and free. This medi is our go-to when we are in the grips of fear, pain or sorrow. Every woman needs this in her meditation toolkit. It truly heals the heart.


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