We love connecting and collaborating with other like-minded and creative peeps. Our words (and photos, too!) have been featured across a range of major blogs, magazines and publications worldwide.






Here are a selection of some of our fave articles and interviews so far.

On living a wild-hearted life:

Corporate sisters turned soul-led adventurers in Raspberry Magazine: Issue 7
Writing to the world from the Med on Entrepreneurial Expat
Soul Sistas in the Spotlight: wanderlust edition on Life With Che
Alana Helbig staring as “Your Wild Woman” on Your Wild Life
Koren Helbig: freelance journalist and She Makes Magic co-founder on She Makes Magic: The Podcast Series
Lessons in struggle and surrender on Alana Helbig’s epic solo road trip around Australia on She Makes Magic: The Podcast Series

On She Makes Magic: The Podcast Series:

‘Entertainmint’ section review of The Podcast Series in Peppermint Magazine: Spring 2015 edition
Collaborating sisters in The Goddess Sisterhood: Issue 2

On creating a happy, healthy life:

How to foster better relationships just by being present for Tiny Buddha
Life without alcohol on Sexy Sobriety

On plant-based eating and natural living:

52 meatless meals to slash your grocery bill for Money Saving Mom
52 Do-It-Yourself natural cleaners for Money Saving Mom
Staying in fashion without going broke for Sunshine Coast Daily
The rise of the vegans for The Adelaide Review


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Koren Helbig

Koren Helbig is a freelance journalist and blogger who traded her salaried daily newspaper job in Australia for a simpler lifestyle beside Spain’s sunny Mediterranean coast.

Koren believes kind-hearted journalism has the power to spark radical change. She particularly loves telling stories of passionate women doing good in the world. Koren’s work regularly appears in publications including frankie, Peppermint, Renegade Collective, The Guardian Australia and The Lifted Brow.

Connect with Koren at, on Instagram and Twitter, or via her People Are Strange art project.

Alana Helbig

Alana Helbig is a wild-hearted gypsy, writer and podcast host. She is passionate about living with purpose, awakening to truth and following the soft whispers of the soul. Her musings on these topics can be found at and over on her Facebook page.

In a past life Alana was a highly-stressed business consultant working too many hours a week. She kissed the corporate box goodbye and set off to explore the vibrant landscapes of Australia in her campervan.

As the co-creator and co-host of  She Makes Magic: The Podcast Series – a hugely popular podcast channel that harnessed the ancient and powerful story-telling nature of women in exploring the sacred yet dark aspects of soul awakening – Alana helps thousands of women all over the world cultivate a deeper soul connection and realign back into the magical free-flow of their soul path.



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Koren and Alana Helbig


Koren Helbig


Alana Helbig

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