What is intuitive eating?

What is intuitive eating?

Guest post by Lauren Aletta, Intuitive Coach, Inner Hue

If I was to ask you right now how you feel about eating and exercise how would you answer?

Are you getting sensations across your body?

What thoughts are springing to mind?

Has your energy shifted?

Does a heaviness or lightness descend upon you?

Do you feel inspired and ignited or constricted and lethargic?

My question is… have you ever considered that these feelings and physical sensations are speaking to you, trying to guide you into delightful alignment?

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We have such an interesting relationship with our bodies.

We are bombarded with imagery and information overload telling us how we should look and what we should be eating, causing anxiety, distress, disconnection, envy and most definitely competition.

Competition and comparison between yourself and other women and let’s not forget competition with our very own selves.

Have you ever said to yourself something along the lines of: “I’m going to do all I can to get back to *this* weight or fitness” only to restrict, push and compete with your body and it’s needs?

I know it. And every now and then I revisit those kinds of thoughts momentarily until my body gives me a jolting and uncomfortable feeling. A feeling I used to think was normal because it was present so often when it came to food and exercise. Yet that feeling, I realise now, was just trying to capture my attention, curiosity and – dare I say it – intuitive senses.

Intuitive eating… that’s how I now run this mothership! And it’s a whole heck more fun, fluid and freeing.

I highly recommend it.

But be warned… it’s an adventure – a thrilling one at that – leading you to many treasure chests full of insight, empowerment and gold.

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What is intuitive eating?

Intuitive eating is where you listen, follow and honour the guidance your body is telling you throughout the day.

It is where you tune into your body in a relaxed, centred space and ask yourself:

+ What do I want to eat?

+ What is my body and my energy requiring?

+ How can I best support and nourish myself right now / today?

It’s about developing a fluid relationship with your body and trusting it’s guidance and wisdom.

Not only does this develop your intuitive muscle and skills, but it also re-builds and strengthens your trust in yourself and your body, through creating an open communication line.

This is about getting curious! No longer looking at yourself as something to be controlled and restricted but uplifted and explored!

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Three simple yet powerfully transformative intuitive tricks!

1. Select a food item. You may like to hold it in your hands and feel it, or simply set your focused attention up it. Now, tune into it’s “life force” energy… it’s aliveness! You will receive information in the form of a feeling, knowing, or physical sensation in regards to it’s level of mineral and nutrient richness and whether it is going to be supportive and aligned for your body’s needs right now. This is a fabulous and fun “game” to play! You will receive information very easily, it is just a matter of trusting the information and insight you receive!

2. Start to hand over your meals and exercise regime to your body. Let it be your personal trainer and meal planner! (I know – crazy huh!)

3. Check in with yourself and ask: “How does my body wish to be supported and energised today?”

You can toggle your intention between eating and exercise too and then just wait to receive the guidance.

No doubt your body has already been guiding you towards eating or steering away from certain foods, or encouraging you to get your booty moving!

The key here is to listen to it! Honour and flow with the guidance, rather than against it.

Do not deny your body’s wisdom. This creates disconnection. Instead, embrace it and an abundance of insight and information will follow.

Be warned though, what will happen will be transformative!

You will feel more aligned and like you, the you you’ve been trying to attain through some pre-constructed ideal that wasn’t fitting right and had you all yo yo-like.

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Let me tell you what else will unfold… I want to be honest. No sugar-coating here.

Expect that you’re going to have better days than others, just like anything else. Expect that if you haven’t tuned in, listened to and worked with your body in this way before, it’s going to feel different and new – but it’s certainly not hard!! It’s your natural state.

Trust this. Trust your natural intuitive nature.

Also, notice your emotions and chakra activity – because they are going to get involved too! If one of my chakra’s is working really hard at processing and clearing out old stories and beliefs I have a tendency to either:

a) get the urge to emotionally eat – until I realise and then I tend to my energetic and emotional needs.

b) crave foods that are directly related to that chakra in a supportive way.

c) I need to move my body in a specific way.

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How do you want to feel?

What it comes down to is this…

What’s the real motivator and intention behind your diet and exercise-related resolution?

How do you want to feel?

Why do you want to feel this way?

What would this feel like in your body?

Then look for opportunities – including food and exercise opportunities – that elicit that very same feeling!!

This shouldn’t be about restriction, but about resonance.

Be open. Love yourself. Know that your body is taking you on a beautiful adventure.

It wants to always keep you well and safe – as does your intuition.

Lauren Aletta, Inner Hue


4 Responses to What is intuitive eating?

  1. Nicole January 30, 2015 at 2:55 pm #

    Thanks for your tips and insights Lauren. That is very much how I run this mothership too. I am very often found pausing just before something hits my lips and saying no!
    As women this eating thing is complex, there are pressures on food that come back to how we feel about our very womanliness. It restricts and starves our pleasure forcing us into binge cycles and losing faith in our capacity to flow.
    Trust and fun as you said, not regime and discipline are key to recovery.
    Such a beautiful timely piece Koren and Alana,
    Thank you

    • Alana January 31, 2015 at 5:10 pm #

      A very timely piece 😉 xxx

  2. Leah Hattendorff February 2, 2015 at 4:54 pm #

    “You’re body is taking you on a beautiful adventure” I freakin’ love that! Great post from Lauren, and thanks for bringing it here, Alana and Koren. The intuitive eating path is sometimes a long one and takes lots of practice to master. But from my experience, I’ve found it sooo worth it for the freedom it gives to love your food and love your body. Right on. xx

    • Alana February 3, 2015 at 2:23 pm #

      Thanks for your comment Leah! I’m currently on my own journey to learn how to eat intuitively. It’s great to hear that other women have had much success from eating this way. xx