Intuitive card readings with Alana

Intuitive card reading with Alana Helbig

You have a powerful inner wisdom that is always subtly and gently guiding you, supporting you and realigning you whenever you venture off your true path.

Sometimes this internal guidance can get lost or drowned out. Fear, resistance, and self-doubt sneak in and create confusion. You may have difficulty distinguishing between your heart and your head.

This is where an intuitive card reading can help.


An intuitive card reading provides answers to a burning question or deeper insight into a particular area of your life. The reading guides you back to the truth of who you really are so that once again you feel connected and confident to follow your true path.

Each card reading is conveniently conducted by email and provided to you in written form, along with a photograph of the card spread, so that you can easily refer back to the guidance at any time.

Intuitive card reading with Alana

“My reading with Alana was amazing. She has a natural gift and helped me unravel a big blockage that I could feel but was not sure how to get past. So spot on.” ~ Nicole Mathieson

“I feel as though you have facilitated another whole step of my healing process. Your words have provided me space to shed my skin. Thank you so much!” ~ Bronwen Morrish

“I love the ease and convenience of having a reading from afar that is communicated via email. Even though we haven’t met in person, your reading resonates with me and is much more in alignment than face-to-face readings I’ve had previously.” ~ Kirsty Brunsden

arrow-rightFirstly, you’ll set an intention for the reading. In other words, what do you hope to gain from the reading? What do you want to know and why do you want to know it? Clients who hold a specific intention for the reading always gain more from the experience.
arrow-rightSecondly, you’ll form a question to ask the cards. This question can be as general or as specific as you would like it to be, although more specific questions tend to lead to more specific answers. Your question could be about life, love, work, spirituality or any other area of your life that is calling for your attention.
arrow-rightAlong with your question, you’ll provide me with a recent photograph of you. This helps me to easily tune into your energy. Providing a photograph is optional however, this will enable me to access more detailed information during your reading.
arrow-rightUsing the question and photograph provided by you, I spend some time in meditation tuning into your energy, the question and the intention behind the card reading.
arrow-rightFrom here I intuitively begin to pull cards. As I pull each card I receive words, feelings and visions. No one card spread is ever the same. The number of cards and the order in which they are drawn are uniquely tailored to you, your energy and your intention. Working in this intuitive manner ensures the best possible guidance is given to you for this moment in time.
arrow-rightAfter the reading I collate all the information into a guidance pack. The entire reading can take anywhere between one to two hours depending on how many cards I feel called to draw and how much information I am given for each card.

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She Makes Magic tribe members: $45
Non-tribe members: $50


“Alana’s reading was SPOT ON and so accurately mirrored my experiences, strengths and vulnerabilities. She has an innate ability to channel and reflect back that which you need to know and so openly acts as your portal to your higher self. All that Alana does is infused with love and intention and her card reading proved no different. Thank you, thank you, thank you Alana for your guidance and wisdom. My purpose feels affirmed, my journey celebrated and my future supported.” ~ Che Johnson


All the information and guidance from your card reading is bundled together into a guidance pack and provided to you by email. Your guidance pack includes:

arrow-rightA beautiful photograph of the card spread.
arrow-rightDetailed notes for each individual card drawn.
arrow-rightAn overall summary of the reading bringing together the main themes, messages, focal points and action steps required.

Intuitive card reading with Alana

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“I absolutely loved my card reading with Alana. I was a bit nervous going into the reading, and I didn’t know what questions to ask, but Alana made me feel comfortable and helped me to find questions that related perfectly to my life. It was scary and wonderful how closely the reading related to my life. Even though I hadn’t known how to verbalise the questions I felt, hearing what Alana read in the cards resonated with me and I knew exactly which parts of my life were being referred to. Alana was so friendly and walked me through the process, which was great since I was a bit tentative going in. Her positive energy and kindness certainly shone through, and made this a great experience.” ~ Kate Milton

I don’t have a specific question. Can I still have a card reading?

Absolutely! Contact me and we can discuss what card spread might work best for you right now.

Can I give a card reading as a gift?

You most certainly can. What a great gift idea. Simply contact me and we can work out the details.

Do you read tarot cards?

Nope. My readings are almost always conducted as free-form card spreads. I use my intuition and your energy to guide the number and order of the cards drawn. This always gives the best possible guidance for my clients.

What card decks do you use?

Currently my favourite card deck is Inner Hue’s Connected and Free: The Alchemists Oracle. These are stunning cards and their guidance is spot on every time. You can purchase your own pack here.

Do you offer readings in person or via Skype?

At this point I only offer readings via email. Energy is not hindered by time or space. You are energy, I am energy, the cards are energy and all energy is connected so conducting the reading in this manner will not diminish your experience in any way. In fact, written readings can often be much more informative. As is often the case with card readings, you will gain more and more insight from the reading as time progresses, so having the reading in written form to refer back to becomes extremely useful.

Do you talk to / receive messages from people who have passed away?

No sorry. My passion lies in helping to guide you back to the truth of who you are so you can take action from this place of power.

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