Easter bilbies, not bunnies

Easter is just around the corner, which means lots of bunny awesomeness. Because the Easter bunny is a nice guy, right? Actually, not so much in Australia.

Over to you, True Green Life …

“Since the introduction of 24 rabbits in 1859, feral rabbits have become Australia’s greatest environmental pest, damaging our biodiversity and conservation. Competing with similar-sized native wildlife for shelter and food, the rabbit threatens our native animals, such as the bilby, with extinction.”

This Easter, leave the bunny on the shelves and opt for a bilby instead. You’ll help support the Save the Bilby Fund and channel money into research and habitat protection for this super cute little Australian wildlife native, which is threatened with extinction.

And when you’re buying Easter goodies, remember to avoid the chocolate companies with dodgy practices. You wouldn’t want to support a company that has been implicated in the deaths of babies, would you?

If you have a vegan loved one who deserves a little Easter pampering, there are non-chocolate options around if you do a little research. Alana was once surprised with the delightfully colourful and healthy fresh fruit bouquet, which was as beautiful as it was tasty.

Happy Easter!

– Koren

** Creepy smoking Easter bunny photo used under Creative Commons from Miguel Pimentel.


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