Dry body brushing for healthy, glowing skin

Dry body brushing

I’ve always dreamed of having clear, glowing, beautiful, soft, luscious skin. Unfortunately, my battle with cystic acne and then adult acne has proven this dream to be a little difficult at obtaining. On my face, that is.

Now, the rest of my body is another story. I’m quite proud of the smooth, silky skin on my back, legs, chest and arms. Sure, my skin isn’t perfect but quite often I’m told, “Your skin is so soft!”

I put this skin-win down to my regular dry body brushing ritual.

What is dry body brushing?

Dry body brushing is the process where you gently, in circular motions, exfoliate the skin over your entire body using a – well — dry body brush, of course!

My naturopath introduced me to dry body brushing over 15 years ago. She believed that a regular dry body brushing ritual stimulates the lymphatic fluid throughout the body, helping to eliminate toxins and also reduce and prevent cellulite. I’ve used this technique almost every day since.

The benefits I’ve seen over the years include:

+ Very little cellulite on my upper thighs – even at the age of 33.

+ Improved circulation in my skin, which gives a beautiful, healthy glow.

+ Reduction and prevention of acne across my chest and back.

+ Removal of dead layers of dry, scaly skin.

+ Reduction in ingrown hairs on my legs.

+ A fantastic, supportive ritual when detoxing.

How it works:

Dry body brushing only takes a few minutes each day.

+ Brush on dry skin with your dry brush, prior to showering

You’ll need a plant bristle body brush. I love my Bass dry skin body brush made from 100% bamboo.

+ Use circular motions, starting at the outer extremities

Begin at your feet and hands, brushing towards the heart. Do not brush your genitals, breasts or face, as the skin in these areas is too sensitive for the hard bristles.

+ Feel the tingle

After brushing you’ll notice that your entire body is tingling. The first few times your skin may turn a bright red but after a while this does calm down. You should feel refreshed and energised. Almost like you’ve been for a run!

+ After brushing care

After brushing, jump into the shower or bath and then follow with a deeply moisturising body lotion. Check out our chocolate body butter.

+ Clean your body brush

Once a week, wash your body brush with a natural soap and warm water and place in the sun to dry. This will remove old skin cells and bacteria and help to keep your brush in tip-top condition.

Bonus beauty tip

Dry body brushing

If you suffer from ingrown hairs, particularly in the bikini area, or if your skin needs an extra exfoliation boost, try this natural salt scrub recipe direct from my beauty therapist…

+ Pour a small amount of almond or apricot oil into the palm of you hand.

+ Add some ground sea salt.

+ Mix together in your hands to create a scrub.

+ Rub gently over affected area.

+ Rinse.

As simple as that! What about you? Do you dry body brush?

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