Our favourite online and in-person courses to rock your life and your business.

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Rachel Macdonald's Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted Course
After months of stuck-in-the-mud struggling to get clear on our audience and vision, it was this course that finally sealed the deal. Rachel gently guided us inwards to the heart of our writing and message. Just two weeks in, we'd uncovered our blog's essence, become super clear on who we were writing for, and picked a topic for our very first eBook. It was Rachel's wisdom and worksheets, plus the ongoing encouragement from the incredible women in the Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted Facebook group, that propelled us forward into exciting new blogging territory.
Nicole Mathieson's Light Up Pleasure Program
Nicole Mathieson's Light Up Pleasure Program *
Can we have a quick word about dissolving our resistance to pleasure? Because sometimes life can feel a bit ho-hum. Boring. Joyless. Numb. Sometimes it even feels like this when things seem to be chugging along relatively well. That's actually part of the reason our wonderful kinesiologist Nicole Mathieson created her incredible Light Up Pleasure Program – to help everyday folk find more joy in everyday life. It works like this. Over 10 days, Nicole emails over daily mini missions in the form of three-minute videos – short enough to fit into even the busiest of days. They're simple reminders to embrace things like gratitude, sensuality, creativity and tuning out. You can choose to dive deeper, with daily affirmations, practices and journalling prompts, too. This program was like a little life raft, helping us move through resistance, stay centred and get crystal clear on our desires and needs. Which is all to say, we couldn't recommend Light Up highly enough.
School of the Modern Mystic
Belinda Davidson's School of the Modern Mystic *
Belinda's online school is aimed at helping people become psychic, heal themselves and others, and discover their life’s purpose. Step-by-step Belinda, an Australian medical intuitive, guides you through your energetic body. You learn the role of each chakra, how to intuitively determine the state of your chakras, and what to do if your chakras are out of balance. The course covers topics such as how to enhance your psychic and intuitive abilities, powerfully manifest, and overcome self-defeating thoughts and behaviours through a regular mindfulness practice. With no hesitation at all I say this has been one of the best online courses I have ever done. Read more here about how this course helped me to turn my sensitivity into my superpower.
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Jon Morrow's Guest Blogging Course *
We love Jon's series of simple, practical steps to becoming a master guest blogger. For us, his three-month course marked a turning point. We built some of our most precious blogging relationships using his tips, and have since had our words featured across major blogs and publications worldwide.


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