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Using body awareness to let go of self-limiting behaviours

body awareness

You’ve just woken up with a hellish hangover. Or consumed a family-sized block of chocolate.

A sinking feeling starts to creep into the pit of your stomach.

You think: “Okay this is it. I’m never doing this to myself again.”

Then the next week you find yourself right back in that exact same space.

Sound familiar?

I think we’ve all been there.

What is it that keeps us returning to our old self-limiting behaviours? Continue Reading →

Intuitive goal setting for 2015

Intuitive goal setting

Wow, 2014. You were a biggie. There have been some HUGE shifts this year. Have you felt it in your life?

I have felt the gentle nudge to quit playing safe and to put myself out there, warts and all. What a journey.

It’s nice to be able to reflect back on the year that was. The highs and the lows. And to consider what we want to call into our lives next and what things we are now ready to release.

I’ve stumbled across a potent process for uncovering the words that will be my driving force for next year. I used my intuition to guide me and the words that came out feel so right and so in alignment with my next direction. The potency of this process is just too good not to share. Yet it is so simple! I’ve wrapped up the five simple steps in this video for you. Continue Reading →

Dear Alcohol, I’m leaving you

Dear alcohol

Wowzers, this year has been a big one. Break throughs (break downs?), great truths and health scares. It’s been a hell of a ride.

My big take-away message:

Being present and honest is the key to true happiness.

Alcohol, with it’s gifts of masks and escapism, has lost it’s shine. It’s robbed me of my true happiness for way too long.

I haven’t picked up a drink for the last month and it feels oh-so-good. Today I’m taking things one step further, I’m making this pledge to give alcohol the old heave-ho for at least three months.

In this video I discuss how my break through earlier this year paved the way for me discovering who I really am and why alcohol can no longer be part of the new journey I’m now embarking on. Continue Reading →