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Roasted chestnuts, also known as the best vegan street food in Spain

Roasted chestnuts in Spain

Rewind four weeks and, after 35 long hours of flight and transit time from Australia, I arrive in Madrid jet-lagged but excited. Koren and I, reunited after almost a year apart, get ready for five fabulous weeks of backpacking through France and Spain.

A combination of terrible plane food and running out of my vegan snacks halfway through the trip means that I am VERY hungry.

Not the I-need-a-good-warm-meal hungry, but more the I-will-rip-someone’s-face-off-if-I-don’t-eat-now hungry.

Koren knows my hangry (hungry + angry = hangry) face too well. As we wander the streets of Madrid, she grabs my arm and pulls me towards a smokey, dilapidated stall where a lady stands over a warm barrel every so often turning black, charcoaled roasted castañas, also known chestnuts. For the bargain price of €2.50 we grab a paper cone full of warm nuts. Continue Reading →

French king cake or “galette des rois”

King cake or “galette des rois”

A few weeks back we were treated to the most excellent sweet homemade pie baked up for Christmas to warm our tummies during our first-ever winter in Europe … yeah, that’s pretty dang good.

But it gets better. You see, we were couch surfing in beautiful Lyon with possibly the city’s three nicest residents, Raphaël and his housemates Julia and Mathieu.

And it turns out this scrummy almond pie is an annual tradition in France to celebrate Epiphany on January 6, so it’s baked with a special present hidden inside. Delicious and fun!

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Canarian baby potatoes with mojo sauce


Canarian potatoes

Do you know much about the Canary Islands, the volcanic archipelago off the west African coast but oddly belonging to Spain? I certainly knew very little about this collection of seven little isles up until about two weeks ago. But when a long-awaited trip to Egypt planned by my mother and I was abruptly cancelled last month amid growing unrest in the region, we had to make alternative plans, fast.

That’s how we found ourselves on Gran Canaria, the most populous of the Canary Islands and aptly known as a “continent in miniature”. Continue Reading →

Outback adventures

Plant day 1 (1024x683)

I’ve been kinda quiet on the blog lately. Things have just been a little hectic – uni exams, assignments, field trips and the occasional music festival have been eating into my time. To be honest, I’m looking forward to getting some routine back very soon.

While I don’t have a heap of time to write loads of words, I did want to share with you some pictures from my recent Outback Ecology field trip. Just a hop, skip and a short fifteen hour bus trip all the way to Idalia National Park, a cool 900km North West of Brisbane.

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Quick and rich tomato soup by Adam

Tomato soup2

Remember the story of how I seriously injured my back in rather hilarious circumstances while travelling in Romania a couple months ago? Well, I ended up making it back to Slovakia where I pretty much spent an entire month lying down while I recovered. I even developed super-hot grazes on my elbows from lying on my stomach and propping myself up so often while attempting to work on my MacBook. Ridiculous and unpleasant!

Anyway, a Slovak gent by the name of Adam, who I’ve written about before over here, was kind enough to help me during this long and rather trying period of convalescence. Just before I finally left Slovakia at the end of May and came here to Spain, he whipped up a little goodbye soup that was so damn good it deserved some special blog attention. Adam’s kindly shared the recipe so you can all share in the awesomeness. Continue Reading →