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8 ways to be kind to yourself // #1: give to yourself

What does being kind to yourself look like?

Hello lovely friends. Koren and I are super excited as we have a special treat for you. Together, with some very talented ladies who have kindly agreed to collaborate with us, we bring you 8 weeks of thought-provoking, inspiring posts focussed on self-kindness.

I was motivated to put together this series as I had noticed that practicing kindness to others comes very naturally. But being kind to oneself often takes much more practice.

Isn’t it interesting how you can tell a friend how wonderful, beautiful and successful she is but then to do this for yourself is not so easy. Why is it that we can see others’ talents so clearly but then we see our own through a haze of insecurity and doubt? Why is it that we can quite happily give and be kind to others but we struggle to do the same for ourselves?

The truth is, if we are not kind to ourselves, then we actually have very little capacity to be kind to others.

I believe a world focussed on kindness and good is possible. But the kindness must first start from within.

We hope that this series will inspire you to take some time out for yourself, allow you to reconnect with your inner voice, and above all, encourage you to be kind to you.

Thanks to all the lovely ladies that have been a part of this series.

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3 things I’ve learnt about setting goals

First sunrise (1024x621)

During a recent cupboard clutter clearing rampage I stumbled across an old journal from 2008. As I flipped through the pages, there inside I found a list of goals I wanted to achieve within the next five years. Much to my surprise, I had achieved every goal I had set.

Amazing right? Hmmm… perhaps, but let me share a little secret with you first…

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Guest post: Meditations with the angels

Flower 2

How awesome are Mums? Our Mum is super kind, oh so sweet, sensitive, supportive, beautiful and talented. In a nut shell, she is the best Mum in the world! We’ve been asking her for a while now to write something for our blog. When she told me she had created these little meditations I jumped at the chance to share them with you. So read on for a few words from our Mum and links to the free meditations. Oh – don’t forget to pop over to Mum’s Facebook page and say hi. She’d love to hear from you.

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You gotta fight for your right … for a party

So there’s an election coming up in Queensland and you don’t give a shit, right?

There will be weeks of political wankery, all the bluff and bluster of a long campaign in which leaders more concerned about their own interests and self-preservation make thinly-veiled grabs for our vote by audaciously promising things they probably can’t or won’t deliver. There will be endless sledging of opponents, smear campaigns, attack adverts and those horrible corflute signs emblazoned with oily candidate photos littering every corner of our cities. You’re tired of all that. So am I.

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