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How to do a 3 day juice cleanse

Cashew, vanilla, maca, dates, filtered water juice

A couple weeks back I embarked my very first juice cleanse. I’d just returned from a fabulous whirlwind trip in Spain and France that involved a lot of eating and way too much drinking. I was feeling kinda toxic and very pudgy around the edges.

I made plans to do my fave seasonal detox from Emily over at Triumph Wellness but I wanted a little extra boost to get me started – something to really kickstart the detoxy goodness. A juice cleanse seemed like a great idea.

There were a few little flaws in my plan though. Firstly, I’d never done a juice cleanse before (where does one even begin?). Secondly, I really enjoy food (I mean REALLY enjoy it). Finally, and probably most importantly, I actually don’t own a juicer. Hmmmm. What to do… Continue Reading →

8 ways to be kind to yourself // #5: wholesome food

Wholesome food

Guest post by Bex from Vegan Sparkles

One of the best ways you can be kind to yourself is by nourishing your body with wholesome food.  Food is energy and everything you eat becomes part of your body at a cellular level.

It affects your looks, your moods, your thoughts, your sleep and your energy levels, so it’s vital for your quality of life and overall happiness to treat yourself to great food.

But sometimes it can be hard to know where to start and how to get where you want to go.  How to become that healthy, happy person you’ve always wanted to be.

Whether you’re completely at a loss as to where to begin or just need some help getting back on track, this simple exercise will help you build a life, body and health you love. Continue Reading →

52 meatless meals to slash your grocery bill

52 cheap vegetarian recipes

Just a short message of excitement from us to you today. Because, if you haven’t already heard, our monster guest post listing no less than 52 ace vegetarian recipes was featured this week on the huge American blog, Money Saving Mom.

Notice that little number next to the “pin it” button? 4000+ shares on Pinterest? Oh my. Dizzyingly happy does not even begin to describe how we are feeling right now. Continue Reading →

Hot water goodness

hot water

My Mum first took me to a naturopath about the age of five. I had a constant cough and severe stomach pains which had me lying on the couch crying for hours while Mum watched over me helpless. The doctors told her the stomach pains were just ‘growing pains’ and prescribed me drugs for the cough, labeling it ‘asthma’. Continue Reading →