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Girl’s day out


Recently I stumbled across some old journals from 2008 in which I had written down my five year goals. Surprised was I to find that I have achieved all but one of those goals – get my nose pierced. I mentioned this to my adorable friend Em and it was decided it was well and truly time for a girl’s day out, complete with nose bling. Continue Reading →

Stuff of smiles

Flower 2

Walking may just be my new favourite thing. Two years ago I sold my car, partly in an attempt to move towards a more simple, ethical lifestyle and partly cos I wanted to save some money. Since then I’ve always had Koren to bum a cheeky lift from if I needed. Recently, however, she sold her car in preparation for her huge adventure overseas and so now, with no fallback plan, I gotta walk more places. Continue Reading →

Stuff of smiles

I’ve been a little down lately. Not for any particular reason. You know how sometimes you just feel that way? Too bad sad me, I’m not listening.  Here’s some stuff that is making me smile:

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Ch ch ch ch changes

Alana & Koren 4 Crop

Life next year is going to be very different. Koren is leaving our cute little house with the green walls to travel and write and do amazing things in Spain. I will continue here with my degree, Mimi will continue with her catiness and we will look for a new housemate to join in on crafternoons, Friday vinos, vego dinners and cups of tea.

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Guest post: B’s vegetable garden box

Our beautiful friend Bianca (or B as she is lovingly known) is truly an inspiration in all ways, shapes and forms. She has this innate ability to make friends where ever she goes (and then keep them) and we are testament to that, having met her at a bar one night. She’s well-travelled, has many interesting stories to tell and has built a very successful career working in the not-for-profit sector. Her infectious laugh is one you don’t forget and kind of miss if you haven’t heard it for a while. Continue Reading →