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I’m taking a little break


Since moving from Australia to Spain three years ago, life has been … a fucking wild ride.

Learning a new language and culture. Setting up my own freelance writing business. Navigating Spain’s suffocating bureaucracy to secure visas and business permits and the million and one papers needed for even the smallest things. Making new friends (because I knew exactly zero people here when I moved). Recovering from a back injury that left me unable to walk for a month.

Finding my feet in a place where everything felt foreign and strange and new and often really, really scary.

It’s been a journey within, too. I’ve been challenged in so many ways, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Asked so many times to leave behind old ways of thinking and step into something entirely new. Sometimes I’ve nailed it. Sometimes I’ve epically failed.

I feel like I’m a different person now. More honestly me. More emotional. More sensitive. More raw.

And I’m not sure where this new me fits into the world. Continue Reading →

Tasmania, and disconnecting to reconnect

Koren and Alana at Mount William National Park, Tasmania

My bedroom window looks out over a sprawling concrete jungle, the chaotic collection of high-rises and pavement that makes up the bustling Spanish city of Alicante that I currently call home.

I love this boisterous, vivacious, disorganised city. But it’s easy to feel disconnected among it’s tangle of people and metal and asphalt. Disconnected from nature, especially. It’s a lament most city-dwellers probably share.

On the opposite side of the world, and entirely at the opposite end of the spectrum, lies the small southern Australian island of Tasmania.

Wild and isolated, battered by Roaring Forties winds and soaked by metres of rainfall each year, large swathes of Tasmania have become a sanctuary for protected old-growth forests, remote beaches and wide inland lakes.

When Alana quit her job in Brisbane this year, packed her life into Walter the Campervan and took up the life of a gypsy, she allowed me to tag along for a few weeks.

We headed directly south to Tasmania. Continue Reading →

The day I had a bird named after me

RSPCA Magpie Rescue 4

Just yesterday my friends and I thought we’d take advantage of the beautiful sunny weather Brisbane has been shining on us and we headed to the park for a BBQ lunch. After stuffing ourselves with yummy salads and fresh fruits, we picked a grassy spot under a huge gum tree and lay down to relax. As it turned out, we weren’t going to do much relaxing. There in the tree, 20 metres above us, were two magpies. One sat watching helplessly as it’s friend flapped viciously, trying to free itself from a branch. It appeared caught in something, hanging upside down and terribly frightened. Continue Reading →

Stuff of smiles

Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in every day junk that we miss the small, seemingly unimportant stuff that actually makes life so wonderful. My life has been like a shining diamond this past month; it has really put on a show for me and yet it isn’t until now, when I take the time to slow down and reflect, that I realise just how magical the past few weeks have been. Here’s a few of the little things that have been making me smile.

Newtown Park Continue Reading →